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Managed Hosting

High Performance Managed Hosting

Power your websites and apps with the fastest, most reliable managed hosting platform.

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What you can expect from 20i Managed Hosting

Our Managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS) combine the industry’s best platform with expert customer support. Get the speed, security, and reliability your websites and apps deserve.

Next-gen servers

Next-gen servers

We only use enterprise-level Dell servers with 100% Samsung SSD storage. Our SSDs have significantly higher IOPS, perfect for intensive apps/projects.

Top rated support 24x7

UK’s top rated support 24x7

Our UK-based Support Team are all hosting experts and available 24x7. Our technical knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject shows in our amazing reviews and perfect Trustpilot score!

Easy server management

Easy server management

My20i is our custom-made server control panel, designed to put you in control. It’s like cPanel, but better (and free). By not being restricted by cPanel, we can offer more features and better performance.

Lightning-fast & reliable network

Lightning-fast & reliable network

With no single point of failure, our global load balancing responds to traffic load and balances it across multiple servers. Your site stays online, and remains fast, whatever load the servers are under.

No bandwidth charges

No bandwidth charges

Data limits don’t go as far as you think and can get expensive quickly. At 20i you don’t have to worry about costs or throttling traffic. We offer truly unlimited bandwidth on a dedicated port.

Ultra-secure hosting

Ultra-secure UK hosting

PCI-compliant UK data centres, malware scanning, 1Tbps+ DDoS protection, web application firewall, brute force login protection, FTP security lock and 2FA are all included.

UK Managed Hosting built to help you succeed

Our Managed Hosting is powered by next-gen hardware for maximum speed, reliability and security. Plus, no server overselling, ever.

Standard Spec

Higher Spec

20i Managed Hosting comes with…

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Automatic Timeline Backups

Unlimited Bandwidth

Free Global CDN

Expert UK Support 24x7x365

IPv6 and HTTP/2 Support

Cloud MySQL Database

Automatic Malware Scans

80+ One-Click Apps Inc. WordPress

PCI Compliant Hosting

Unlimited × 10GB Mailboxes

1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection

SSH Access

Optimised PHP-FPM

Advanced Load Balancing

Hosting Software
  • 10 Versions of PHP: 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0
  • Popular Modules (PDO, SOAP, MBString, Mcrypt, XML)
  • PHP Ioncube Loader
  • Perl and Python
  • Python WSGI
  • Node JS
  • phpMyAdmin
Datacentre & Cloud Platform
  • Host in the UK or USA
  • Redundant Network
  • Global CDN
  • Edge Caching for Speed
  • Website Acceleration Suite
  • Google-Based DNS Servers
  • 40 Gbit/s Network with Multiple Internet Connections
  • Redundant Power Supplies, UPS and Generators
  • 24 × 7 × 365 Onsite Technicians
  • Biometric Security, CCTV and Firewalls
  • PCI Compliant Servers
  • No LVE Limits
Security Features
  • One-Click G Suite Setup
  • Automatic Malware Scanning
  • 1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection
  • FTP Security Lock
  • Block visitors by IP or Country
  • Web Application Firewall
  • File Permissions Checker
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Website Password Manager
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Brute Force Login Protection
  • Cloud Hosted
  • 'Catch All' Address Support
  • E-Mail Forwarders
  • Autoresponders
  • Webmail
  • Antivirus & Antispam protection
  • E-mail Blacklist & Whitelist Management
  • Mailbox Autodiscover Support
  • DKIM Email Authentication
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
Web Hosting
  • Automatic Migration Centre
  • Free Wildcard SSL Certificates
  • Back up and Restore Your Website and Databases
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited FTP/SFTP Access
  • Additional FTP/SFTP Accounts
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Online File Manager
  • SSH Access w/ Google 2 Factor Authentication
  • Directory Indexing
  • Access/Error/Bandwidth Logs
  • Custom Errors
  • Mapped Domains
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Website Builder
  • 24x7x365 Support

Number one for support

Our Managed Virtual Private Server specialists will patch, update and monitor your server for you. Our team has your back, and our experts will respond quickly, whatever the problem.

Expert support
Expert UK support

Hosting fanatics who know Managed Hosting inside and out.

Support you can rely on 24x7
Support you can rely on 24x7

Here when you need us, with quick responses and resolutions.

Top rated managed hosting
Top-Rated Managed Hosting

We are rated #1 on Trustpilot by our customers.

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Based on 1,285 reviews
3 days ago
Fantastic response to a billing query
Fantastic response to a billing query, quick and easy to understand, tahnks
Brian Hull
3 days ago
Helpful honest company
Helpful honest company, pleasure to deal with, support is very quick.
Paul Gaughan
4 days ago
Brilliant tech support at 20i
I have used 20i as a reseller for over 2 years and I have been impressed with their support. On the rare occasions that I have had to submi...
Ian G Bell
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Transparent price promise

We’re disrupting the industry by being up-front and honest with our Managed Hosting pricing. Everything is included in one great value package and you could save hundreds every month. Don’t pay a salesperson’s commission – pay for a great product and service.

One clear price per month, so no nasty surprises.

We don’t have any salesperson receiving commission by upselling you.

All our customers get server control panel, unlimited bandwidth, security and 'priority' support as standard.

We always charge the same price for every customer.

Quick and easy free Managed Hosting migrations

Zero downtime and no risk of data loss.

You can migrate to 20i Managed Hosting automatically from other web hosts, including those who use cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Heart Internet and Fasthosts.

If you’re coming from a provider using different technology, our Support Team is on hand to help.

  • Always free, unlimited migrations
  • Migrate in minutes, not hours or days
  • Move your websites, databases and emails to 20i automatically
  • Preserve all folders, files, scripts, emails, databases and other data exactly as-is
  • Choose exactly what you want to migrate and when
Quick and easy

Frustration-free server management with My20i

My20i is the most advanced web hosting control panel around.
It’s like cPanel, but better (and free).

My20i Control Panel

My20i is our custom-made server control panel, designed to put you in control. No bloat, no extra subscription or licence fees, and custom-built for managed virtual private servers. Host unlimited websites, install apps, create databases and set up email.

The free My20i control panel is acclaimed for its ease of use: especially bulk management of web hosting. Don’t settle for software that’s dated and overly complex. Use a fresh modern interface that’s refined for user experience.

Read more about My20i
Servers made easy

Control all your web hosting from one place. My20i includes a complete file manager, DNS manager, SSH access, backups manager, phpMyAdmin, FTP control, 80+ one-click installs (incl. WordPress), and much more.

My20i makes finding features hassle-free. Touch-focused icons, drop-down menus, a quick-add menu and a powerful search bar offer a range of options to get you where you need, fast.

20i CDN

Use My20i to manage our global content delivery network (CDN). Included free with all Managed Hosting, your content will be stored at data centres around the world. This global edge caching means that your site will load quickly, everywhere.

The CDN also includes our Website Acceleration Suite, which reduces web page loading times by optimising images and code for speed. It’s great for SEO. It’s available as a one-click set-up or you can experiment with over 40 different settings.

Read more about our free CDN
Secure email

Set-up and manage your email from within My20i. Alternatively, our email works with all mail clients, including those from Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla.

It includes webmail, so you can view your messages anywhere, at any time. Through IMAP you can synchronise your mailboxes across desktop, tablet and mobile.

We use the latest tech to ensure that the email you send is delivered safely, and the email you receive is spam-free. All email is encrypted in transit using TLS for security and privacy. Additionally, we use 3 layers of inbound spam and virus scanning; network-level, virus scanning and content-based scans.

Read more about our email hosting

Our domain names are amazing value for money every day, not just short-term price promotions. Save up to 50% on your .com and domains compared to other hosts.

We’ve made managing one hundred domain names as easy as managing one. All your DNS records can be controlled from My20i: from A and CNAME to TXT and SRV. Our nameservers use Google’s reliable global network to deliver quick responses.

All 20i web hosting includes free wildcard SSL certificates to secure your site. You can also purchase paid SSLs direct from us too.

Search for a domain
Designed for developers

Managed Cloud Hosting designed for developers

Our Managed Hosting services are perfect for running daemon-based apps like Node.JS, .NET Core and software that runs on Python WSGI, like Django and Flask.

Dev tools like Git, WP CLI and Drush are all available via SSH.

With Redis you can use persistent object caches in WordPress. You can set up permanent processes too.

You can monitor server performance through detailed charts in My20i and we’ll keep an eye on performance.

Managed Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about Managed Hosting:

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting gives you the freedom and power of an Unmanaged VPS, without the extra work. You don’t have to manage the server, install all the software and keep it updated. With Managed Hosting this is all done for you by our team. If you have any problems, support is on hand to help.

20i Managed Hosting is extra-special. You can control all your websites through My20i, so your admin tasks are made super-simple. You can take advantage of features in My20i that aren’t available anywhere else, like our free CDN, bulk website management and automatic migration.

With 20i Managed Hosting you get full access to the UK-based 20i Technical Support Team. Universally-praised for their speed and clarity of responses, you’ll always get expert support. They’ll make sure you’re set up with the best solution possible, and should you need help, they’re available day and night through live and chat email.

Yes. With Managed Hosting you’ll be able to host as many sites as capacity will allow. You can partition your VPS to allocate disk space to each site you want to host. You’re in control: you can set custom package types for each partition all from within the My20i control panel. Should you need to expand, upgrading is just a one-click process with no interruptions.

Yes. With 20i Managed Hosting you can take full advantage of our high-end clustered mail platform, stored and processed separately from your virtual machine. You’ll be able to create mailboxes, auto-responders, forwarders and more, all from the My20i control panel.

Managed Hosting comes with the bespoke My20i control panel which runs on CentOS 7. No other operating systems can be installed. If you need a different OS you can use an Unmanaged VPS.

Our cloud web hosting is rock solid and suitable for most needs. But if you’re looking for a hosting solution that dedicates resources to your sites and lets you lean on our expert Technical Support team, then Managed Hosting on a VPS would be for you. If you’re a developer, Managed Hosting will give you more freedom to install extra apps.

Yes. We offer unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for any sites or web applications you host on Managed Hosting. They can be added in a click from the control panel and renew automatically every 3 months.

Managed Hosting is perfect for those wanting to sell web hosting. Resellers get a 25% wholesale discount on Managed Hosting. They also get access to an exclusive single-site 1 Core VPS.

  • All web hosting can be sold under your brand or under a white label
  • Offer you customers their own hosting control panel – StackCP – that can be customised to your brand or each individual customer, should you wish
  • Sell individual hosting packages on a VPS, or sell full virtual private servers to single customers
  • Controlled through My20i which makes bulk management of sites and customers easy
  • Use our free HostShop to automate your billing, provisioning, communication and reporting

Find out more about how you can resell VPS.