The 20i Free and Open Source Software Awards

The FOSS Awards 2023 – The Winners

We launched the FOSS Awards to help celebrate the role Free Open Source Software plays in our lives.

With 7,000 votes cast, it was great to see the passion and enthusiasm that you all have for the open source community. A huge thanks to everyone who voted.

Your votes have been tallied and the results are now in. In this post we’ll highlight the winners, but you can see the full results here: FOSS Awards.


This was a hotly contested category, but Element we’re able to move from 3rd place in 2022, to this year’s winners.

CRM & Support

Another FOSS app that improved on last year, Dolibarr took the crown in this category with nearly 65% of the vote – a clear favourite!

Knowledge & Documentation

Joplin wins for a second year in a row. Their fans clearly love this software, what a community!

Project Management

Three new contenders for 2023, each proving their popularity, with Baserow winning out in the end.

Community & Social

The most active category, and hugely competitive with the leader changing regularly. In the end, Flarum edged it to win for a 2nd year.


One of the most popular ecommerce solutions around, and one of our most downloaded one-click apps, OpenCart had just under 50% of the vote – a clear winner.


There’s a huge amount of love for Joomla! out there, and their active community helped to bring it home.

Password Manager

A new entry for 2023, Buttercup proved to be hugely popular up against some stiff competition, especially Passbolt.


With GA4 on the horizon, and all the concerns/issues that brings, it is a timely win for Matomo.

Marketing Automation

The ever popular Mautic came on top this year in our new category.


The always reliable Gimp managed to see off stiff competition from the new guard, but it was a close run thing!

Code Editor

A clear winner in 2023, Visual Code Studio took nearly 70% of the vote in this category.

That’s a wrap!

Although it’s great to win, and congratulations to the apps that came first, these awards are about celebrating ALL free and open source software, regardless of the number of votes they received.

We wanted to highlight the fantastic work of the whole FOSS community, who often contribute to their projects in their spare time.

So thanks again to all who voted, but a special thanks goes those devs that make the whole thing possible.

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