November 2022

November ’22 20i Dev Updates

It’s been another busy month for all the team at 20i. Here’s some highlights.

Most updates covered the control panel for those who take hosting seriously: My20i.

20i WordPress Manager

Thanks for all the feedback; it’s really helping to guide the progress of the 20i WordPress Manager in its beta state.

These raft of changes were very much focused on giving you the power to customise the Manager to your taste. Columns can now be turned on or off, to simplify your display (or make it as complex as you like!). You can choose how many websites are displayed on each page of the tool too.

Filters help you find the information you need, no matter how many WordPress websites you’re managing. You can filter by PHP version, User assignment, SSL status, labels, customer date ranges and more.

New functions include the ability to download WordPress core, and purge Stackcache in bulk.

More control panel improvements

Not a WordPress user? We still have plenty of new features that make My20i even better.

A really well-received new feature was our new Recently Viewed Packages menu, on the My20i home page. It enables you to get straight back to the websites you were working on last, through a quick link.

Recently managed hosting packages in My20i

Management of domains was also improved. We made it easier to get to the domain tools you need by adding a dropdown menu to the Manage Domains page. When no hosting exists for a domain, we now give you options, and a dropdown menu has been added to allow switching between domain names quickly.

In addition, we’ve added a quick link on domains that have hosting attached to them which takes customers directly to the hosting Package Overview.

For domain renewals, you can now ‘Enable Renewal’ on domains set to not auto-renew and ‘Extend Renewal’ on domains directly from the Manage Domains page.

Generate quality traffic with the new 20i Schema Generator

We also released a free SEO tool, the 20i Schema Generator. It helps you signal information about your website to search engines , through schema markup, AKA structured data.. This can lead to higher rankings and special features like ‘rich snippets’.

It’s no fun writing the schema code yourself. It’s easy to make a typo and mess it up. So schema generators are useful: you just type in the variables that describe your content (or event, product, review etc.). The generator then spits-out the necessary code, which you can then add to your web page.

It currently offers website, web page, hierarchy and entity generation – the latter two being available nowhere else at present. And we’ll be adding more types of data in the future.

It’s completely free to everyone, forever.

Reseller-focused updates

Reports covering mailboxes, bandwidth, disk space, MySQL and malware are now all available from the top navigation menu bar under their own section. You can use them to monitor customers’ limits and offer upgrades.

We’ve also added new icons for Reseller Preferences and HostShop in the Reseller Management section on the My20i home page, for faster navigation.

HostShop has a new Renewal Log, which can be accessed by ‘Managing’ a StackCP User > Access & Contracts > Options > Renewal Log.

We now send you regular emails, detailing failed orders and the reason why, enabling you to push the order through.

StackCP User profiles have been updated with Gravatar profile images, better navigation and a visual refresh.

StackCP User profile updates

Also, we’ve made customer support easier by adding an ‘info box’ to StackCP Help Desk. This shows information about the service assigned on the ticket and quick links to manage the service.

New domains

To go with our Spanish StackCP translation, we now support .casa domain names, at a discounted £9.99/$9.99 a year, with a discount for Resellers.

As we provide green hosting, it made sense to support the .green domain. It’s available for £61.99/$61.99 a year.

As ever, we’re truly grateful for all the customer feedback that inspired most of the changes.

Other October events

We published a number of blog posts this month. Highlights include the Benefits of WordPress Staging, a new Featured Customer and the first of a two-part article on Website Accessibility.

Meanwhile, Austin and Rüdi from 20i took part in broadcast discussions. Austin spoke about whether a design agency should host client websites on the Trailblazer FM podcast. Rüdi spoke on the Ryte vlog, ‘Daily Dose of SEO’, about our new 20i Schema Generator (in German).

And finally…please vote for us!

We work really hard to keep responding to your requests and improving our services. So, if you have time we’d be very grateful if you could vote for us in two WordPress awards that we’ve been nominated for.

There’s the WP Awards from WP Weekly, and TemplateMonster’s Monster Awards. It only takes a moment to vote, and it would mean a lot to us.

Please vote for 20i

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