What’s new with 20i? May 24 update

It’s been another busy month at 20i, with a brand new Managed Cloud Server optimisation, upgraded My20i labels and loads of new features rolled out for HostShop.

Here are the highlights from May.

NodeJS Optimised Cloud Servers

Deploy your NodeJS optimised cloud servers across our high-performance 20iCloud, AWS & GCP platforms. We’ve also added the popular NodeJS based CMS Strapi as a one-click install.

This new optimisation joins PHP, WordPress, Joomla!, Laravel, WooCommerce and .NET Core. Managed Cloud Servers start from only £9.99/$10.99 per month.

Our Managed Cloud Hosting requires the same technical knowledge as Shared Web Hosting to run, making it low-touch to set-up and easy to manage (and sell).

HostShop: Selling Managed Hosting With HostShop Is Now Even Easier

Use our new URL builder to take your customers directly to the ‘Build Cloud Server’ page with pre-configured Cloud Server specification, including Size, Optimization, Location, Provider and with or without Timeline Backups. Click here to build your URLs.

The ‘Build Server’ page in StackCP/HostShop can now be accessed by non-logged in users. When they click ‘Deploy Cloud Server’ this will add the server to their basket ready for them to create their StackCP User account and make the purchase.

Quickly Find Large Files In File Manager

To help you to find large files, our File Manager can now search based on a minimum file size, i.e., any file greater than X-MB.

When managing a hosting package; open File Manager and click the hamburger in the top right. Then click the magnifying glass and you will see the toggle to switch between Name and Size.

HostShop: Razorpay

In response to overwhelming customer feedback, India’s largest payment gateway Razorpay, is now available to activate in HostShop. Head to the Payment Gateways page to enable Razorpay.

My20i Labels Upgraded

We’ve overhauled My20i’s label system to help you to manage your services more effectively.

When a Plugin or Theme is updated via WordPress Manager, a Cache Purge request is now fired off to ensure there’s no stale cache preventing updates from showing on your live site.

HostShop: Currency Payment Gateways And Pricing

Pick and choose which currencies and payment gateway combinations are available to your customers For example: set USD payments to be accepted by Bank Transfer, INR to Razorpay and Stripe for GBP.

You can also set pricing to account for any fees involved with payment gateways and exchange rates.

Go to the Currencies page in HostShop to get started.

Resellers: Re-Order White Label Support Database Categories

We’ve added new functionality for you to re-order the White Label Support Database categories  via an easy to use drag and drop system in My20i. Get started here.

HostShop: Flexible Payment Frequencies

There are now new payment period options for you to choose from and offer to your new customers. As well as paying on a monthly or annual basis, you can also offer customers the ability to pay quarterly, semi-annually, biannually and triennially.

HostShop: Invoice Email Additional Recipients

StackCP users can now add Additional Recipients to their invoice emails ensuring accounting depts/relevant teams get the information they need asap.

Your customers will need to log in to their StackCP control panel and head to Preferences > Additional Invoice Recipients to add the email addresses of their recipients.

WordPress Manager Auto-Purge Cache

When a Plugin or Theme is updated via WordPress Manager, a Cache Purge request is now fired off to ensure there’s no stale cache preventing updates from showing on your live site.

AlmaLinux & Oracle Linux 9.4 VPS

The latest versions of AlmaLinux OS and Oracle Linux are  available on our VPS platform.

Both distros come with better web-console and virtual machine snapshot capabilities along with several security-focused updates.

All new VPS orders for AlmaLinux or Oracle Linux get version 9.4 as standard.

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