A crowded web design event

Running an event? Need a sponsor?

Are you looking for a company to sponsor your web design/dev event or group? Get in touch!

We’re looking for ways to help support the digital community and make sure the thriving scene continues.

What kind of sponsorship?

We’re open to ideas. It could be relatively small, like paying for the pizza at your local Meetup group.

Or perhaps your members would like to snag a goody-bag? Or it could be something larger and more formal, like the sponsorship of a conference. We’d also consider wholly-virtual events like a YouTube channel or Slack group!

Whether it’s an established group with 100s of attendees or just a dozen people with similar interests meeting for the first time, get in touch.

Drop a us a line

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Just an average figure is fine, or if it’s a new event, how many are you expecting?

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