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WordPress Plugins You Don’t Need With 20i (& Save $1250)

A collection of premium plugins is often required to speed up, secure and streamline a growing WordPress website.

This means multiple monthly or yearly subscription fees.

At 20i, we believe high-performance WordPress shouldn’t come at a premium price.

That’s why we’ve packed our WordPress Hosting plans with industry leading features that remove the need for many paid plugins; saving you thousands of dollars a year.

All the following features are included as standard with 20i WordPress Hosting.

20i CDN icon


Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is one of the best ways to speed up the delivery of your website to users across the globe. With 20i hosting you get free access to the 20iCDN, which utilises edge caching and CDN nodes across 6 continents to deliver lightning-fast loading speeds.

Our CDN has no traffic limits – we don’t throttle your bandwidth – and is fully customizable; allowing you to turn individual features on and off when you like.

An insightful reporting suite enables you to view detailed data on your site’s performance.

Web Application Firewall icon

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our built-in WAF is 100% free for all 20i customers, and actively shields your sites from attacks.

Providing enterprise grade multi-level security, our WAF is preconfigured with rules to protect against OWASP top 10 attacks like XSS, SQLi, and more.

It is also optimised for speed, running at the very edge of our network to intercept malicious requests before they reach your website’s code.

This is all fully integrated with no plug-ins required, meaning no costs, no performance drain, and quicker response times.

Caching icon


Our proprietary caching technology is a core part of our WordPress hosting. Our caching technology works alongside our CDN to speed up page loading automatically and significantly, for all your users.

Improved page loading speeds provide a big boost when it comes to Google’s core web vitals and search engine rankings.

Caching works straight out of the box and can be managed from the StackCache plugin – included free with our WordPress Hosting.

Block visitors icon

Global IP Blocklist & Monitor

The My20i hosting control panel includes an easy to manage IP blocklist, whereby you can block specific IP addresses, and entire countries using GeoIP. When blocked, a 403 Forbidden warning will be displayed.

Whilst the 4 features above are all included with 20i WordPress hosting as standard, they would require an add on such as the Cloudflare Pro subscription to replicate with a plugin, which costs $300 per year when billed monthly.

Code optimisation logo

Image & Code Optimisation

20i WordPress hosting also includes access to our “Web Acceleration Suite” – a collection of tools within our hosting dashboard to optimise your images and code, helping to improve site speed without any additional scripts or plugins.

The Web Acceleration Suite is available for free on all websites hosted on our WordPress platform and can be customised at no extra cost to curate the best experience for you and your customers.

By comparison, one of the most popular image & code optimisation plugins, WP Rocket, will cost $299 per year for use on unlimited websites.

Malware scanner icon

Malware Scanner

The 20i Malware Scanner comes free with all our hosting. The scanner utilises a combination of commercially available and in-house tools to make daily scans of all websites within your hosting account.

The results of the latest malware reports are available from your My20i account. You can opt-in to receive alerts if malware is detected at no additional cost.

The detailed reports generated by our Malware Scanner make it easy to identify any suspicious content within your site, and remove any malicious files.

2FA icon

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Securing your WordPress websites with 2 factor authentication is easy with My20i. We support TOTP authenticator apps such as Authy, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

Once enabled, your logins to My20i can only be completed if both your password and an authenticator code are provided.

These are free features, whereas a malware scanning & 2FA security plugin such as Wordfence Premium would cost $119 per year.

WordPress Manager icon

WordPress Manager

Our fully featured WordPress Manager makes it easy to manage hundreds of WordPress websites all within one intuitive dashboard.

Working automatically and requiring no plug-ins, the 20i WordPress Manager has no site limits, and allows users to bulk update, scan, restore WordPress websites with just a few clicks.

Some WordPress manager plugins offer parts of this functionality, but all require plugin installation and yearly fees. MainWP, one of the most popular WordPress Manager plugins is currently billed at $29 per month, totaling $348 across a 12-month period – and even then, its feature suite doesn’t match the 20i WP manager.

Backup icon

Automatic and Manual Backups

We take a snapshot of your files and databases every day and store a copy off-site for peace of mind. White screen of death? No problem, just roll back using Timeline Backups.

7 days of automatic backups are included automatically, alongside the ability to manually back up at your leisure.

Staging icon

WordPress Staging

With a single click you can create a replica of your website for testing/adding new content or code without affecting your live site.

Once you’re happy with your work on the staging site: deploy your changes over to the live site seamlessly.

When it comes to backups & WordPress staging, the BlogVault plugin is a popular solution, but will cost a further $89 per year.

Git Integration icon

Git Integration

To make life easier for developers, we have Git version control fully integrated with our My20i hosting dashboard.

When you log in to your account, you will be able to create a detailed history of your website, viewing, tracking and reverting any file changes with just a few clicks.

All the best Git features are present, so you can create branches to work on different versions of your project simultaneously and easily collaborate with team members.

No plugins, no SSH, and no CLi required – it’s fully integrated and free for all of our hosting customers.

To replicate our built in Git integration for 1 year with a plugin, the WPpusher plugin costs $99.

Total Savings

By no longer relying on the premium plugins mentioned to provide all the features above, you could save a significant sum of money per year.

The examples covered in this article add up to total costs of $1,254 per year for features that are included with 20i WordPress hosting from just $9.99 per month.

This translates to a healthier bottom line for your business and allows you to focus on what truly matters – building incredible WordPress websites for yourself and your clients.

On top of this, by reducing reliance on plugins you can streamline your website, providing faster loading speeds and reduce the admin time spent managing plugin subscriptions.

To find out more about our WordPress hosting: view our range of hosting plans, or book a call with our team of WordPress experts, who will be happy to show you our platform and answer any questions you may have.

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