Schema Generator with entity and website structure markup

The first schema generator with entity and hierarchy markup

We’re happy to present a new schema generator with the ability to include markup for entities and website hierarchy. The generator is now available for free for everyone who wants to improve their semantic SEO with structured data.

How did the idea for the unique schema generator come about?

There are some good tools out there to create schema for your webpages but they all lack the ability to mark up entities or indicate a hierarchical website structure with the schema code.

This has bugged me for some time. First I started adding the schema code for entities manually in the code snippet. I used this in the beginning mainly for the markup on FAQ pages and you can read more about this approach in the article: FAQ schema markup – and the trick you didn’t know.

This was a first step in the right direction but it was still not what I was looking for. It lacked the ability to include a hierarchy to the content pages, so I still had to write the code manually.

While the developer team of 20i started working on the generator, the research into the problem how to indicate a content hierarchy continued. With help of the documentation on schema.org, finally I found a way to achieve this goal. Read more about what a hierarchical website structure is and why it help with semantic SEO in the article: Schema markup for your website hierarchy.

All the pieces I wanted were found. Now we just had to put them together in one tool.

The schema generator with entity and hierarchy markup got developed

Our development team got the job done and the new Schema Generator is now live and free to use for you.

You now can mark up the entities in your content with schema easily:

Schema generator creating JSON-LD with entity markup.

And just as easily, you can indicate a hierarchical structure to the schema code:

Schema generator creating code for hierarchical website structure.

If you want to know more about how to use the tool, we have a full guide on how to use the schema generator in our knowledge base. If you want to try it out, just go straight to the Schema Generator. We have tool tips on all important input fields to help you through the process.

Conclusion and Acknowledgements

This is just the start of our free Schema Generator. We plan to add more types of schema in the future. If you have any kind of schema you like us to prioritise, please let us know in the comments.

Last but for sure not least, I have to say thank you to some people and resources. Without these I would have not been able concoct this whole thing.

At first there is Dixon Jones.  Listening to a talk by Dixon about 5 years ago inspired me to look deeper into the whole topic of schema and entity SEO.

Everyone involved in the schema.org project. Without the vast documentation this tool would not have been possible and the validation tool is something I not only use myself but recommend to everyone.

For sure the development team here at 20i, who brought this all to life. And to everyone else who I had discussions and exchanges on semantic SEO, schema and website structure with.


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    • Hi Brian, if your question is regarding anything related to schema for your website, can you please specify the question. If you have any other problem with a website hosted with 20i, please contact our support, they are happy to assist you.