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What’s new with 20i? April 24 Update

Recently we have seen the launch of new features, significant refinements to the user experience across much of my.20i.com and the addition of new functionality.

In case you missed anything – here are the highlights:

Migration Centre UI updates

The Start Migration and Migration Overview pages been refreshed to modernise the interface and make things more intuitive to use.

Agency Hub: Import StackCP Users

Resellers can now import StackCP Users into Agency Hub as clients. The importing process automatically maps clients as customers within Stripe to allow for more a more seamless billing process.

Manage Domains refresh

Manage Domains has been refreshed for all customers. The UI is now more consistent with that of Manage Hosting for a more cohesive user experience.

Customers now see:

  • Time remaining until domain expiry/renewal
  • A new link to add hosting
  • Savings on .uk domains via the our .UK Domain Saver tool if they’re eligible

StackCP user list views

The StackCP Users list now shows the numbers of Domains and Cloud Servers that are assigned to each StackCP User – these can be toggled on/off from the Columns option.

Cloud Server visual overhaul

The Cloud Server management page has had a visual overhaul to improve overall usability.

Clone Cloud Server packages when adding new customers

Customers adding packages to Cloud Servers can now clone from an existing package.

AI Support Search upgrade

The AI Support Search in My20i has received a significant upgrade and will provide much better answers.

New Feature: HostShop Multi-Currency

Resellers can now set currency specific pricing in HostShop for all products, including hosting plans, domains and cloud servers. If a currency is enabled and a price isn’t set we’ll set the price automatically based on the exchange rate.

Customers just need to have their currency choices enabled on https://my.20i.com/reseller/hostshop/currencies and then extra currency fields will appear in the Product Catalogue.

Improved Feature: My20i Mail Logs

The My20i/StackCP Mail Logs now show bounced, failed and rejected emails (previously only showing successfully sent or received emails). To view the reports go to Manage Hosting > Options > Manage > Logs & Stats.

Customers can now select the delivery status of the emails via the mail logs tool. The UI has also been tidied up to ensure better usability on mobile and with dark mode.

Improved Feature: Client Reports for Agency Hub customers (non-Resellers)

Agency Hub now has a way for non-Resellers to configure a Client Report via the new Reports option as well as set an Agency Brand to show via the ‘brandName’ tag.

Reports can be sent and scheduled via WordPress Manager as normal.

Customers who have both Reseller and Agency Hub enabled will get the option to send reports to StackCP Users or Agency Hub Clients.

That is all for this summary. We are are working diligently on new features and updates that will provide even greater functionality and value for money.

I look forwards to sharing more with you. Until then, if there are any features or improvements that you would like us to make then please let us know!

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