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Best WordPress Security Plugins 2024

If you’re a 20i WordPress Hosting customer, you already enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your websites protected by industry leading security such as web application firewall, free SSL Certificate, anti-bot protection, malware scanning, checksum reports, FTP security lock, being able to block visitors by IP or country, brute force protection, 2FA and more.

If you are not a 20i customer, and your current host does not offer a comprehensive range of security features, here are the best plugins to keep your WordPress website safe in 2024.

Solid Security

Formerly known as iThemes Security, this plugin focuses on hardening your site against attacks. Key features include brute force protection, file change and 404 detection, database backups, hiding login and admin pages, strong password protection and biometric login with passkey technology. Solid Security has a free version offering basic features and a Pro version starting at $99 per year.

Current Rating 4.5 stars 
No. Of Reviews 3,932 
Active Installations 900,000+ 

Wordfence Security

Known for its web application firewall and additional features like malware scanning, Wordfence is popular for its user-friendly dashboard and real-time protection against spam, malware, and other threats. It offers features like leaked password protection, two-factor authentication, manual blocking, country blocking and automated file repair. It is noted, however, for potentially slowing down your site due to heavy database use during scans.

Rating 4.5 stars 
Reviews 4,042 
Active Installations 5+ million 

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is renowned for its DNS-level firewall and offsite operation which minimizes the impact on site performance. It offers features like password-guessing protection, brute force attack prevention and scheduled tasks for security management. The free version provides basic protection, while the premium version, at $199 per year, offers advanced features like SSL certificate support and quicker response times from the support team.

Rating 4 stars 
Reviews 383 
Active Installations 800,000+ 

All In One WP Security & Firewall

This plugin is popular for implementing WordPress security hardening practices and includes features like login lockdown, IP filtering, file integrity monitoring, user account monitoring and basic website-level firewall capabilities. It is a free plugin, making it an accessible choice for many users.

Rating 5 stars 
Reviews 1,535 
Active Installations 1+ million 

Jetpack Security

Jetpack is a comprehensive solution offering not just security features but also performance optimization and marketing tools. Its security functionalities include real-time backups, anti-spam protection, brute force attack protection and downtime monitoring. Jetpack’s full, real-time security suite is $55.95 per month or $19.95 for daily security tier.

Rating 4 stars 
Reviews 1,961 
Active Installations 5+ million 


This plugin is notable for its affordability and features like automatic malware removal and a website firewall. The pricing starts at $99 per year for one site.

Rating 4 stars 
Reviews 325 
Active Installations 400,000+ 

BulletProof Security

Ideal for advanced users, BulletProof Security offers features like auto-restoration for modified files, real-time file monitoring alongside various security and performance enhancements. The Pro version is available at $69.95 per year.

Rating 5 stars 
Reviews 648 
Active Installations 40,000+ 

Additional WordPress security steps

Updates: Ensure WordPress core and PHP versions are on the most recent versions to remove any inherent vulnerabilities. When selecting a security plugin, it is crucial to ensure that it is still supported and receives regular updates.

Passwords & Users: Use complex and lengthy passwords in admin areas to protect against dictionary attacks. Assign appropriate roles and permissions to site users and remove accounts that are no longer used.

Limit login attempts: Limiting the number of login attempts protects against brute-force attacks. 20i customers are protected from brute-force attacks as part of the service through StackProtect, which is built in to the platform. There are plugins available that specifically deal with this aspect of your website’s security.

Malware Scan: Regularly perform scans on your website to catch malware as early as possible. The longer malware is left on a site, the more it can propagate and the greater risk of irreparable damage.

20i customers utilise our automatic, free malware scanner that inspects all websites hosted on our platform with no performance loss to end users. An alert is sent immediately if we detect any malicious files, facilitating rapid response. 

SSL/TLS: An SSL/TLS certificate is required to encrypt data sent between your website and users. Encryption helps to prevent sensitive data from being hijacked by malicious actors. At 20i, we offer free Wildcard SSL certificates that will cover your www. domain and all other subdomains.

Disaster recovery: If your website has been breached, one effective way to undo the damage is to restore from a recent backup that is known to be clean.

With 20i Managed Hosting, daily automated backups are included as standard. Optional unlimited manual backups are also available as an add-on.

Click here for our in-depth guide on how to secure your WordPress website. 

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