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Is 20i Reseller Hosting the best Heart Internet alternative?

Reseller hosting is a lucrative opportunity for agencies, web designers, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their services or launch their own web hosting brand.

Your choice of hosting partner is the most important decision you’ll make. Speed, reliability, support, value for money, profitability… they are all hugely influenced by your reseller host.

The right choice will be the difference between your customers having a great (and profitable) experience with you or looking for an alternative supplier very quickly.

Are you looking for a Heart Internet alternative for your Reseller Hosting? In this article we’ll take a look at how 20i Reseller Hosting compares, evaluating aspects like infrastructure, performance, pricing, features, and customer support.

Feature comparison

20iHeart Internet
Yearly Price£479.88£503.88
Automation & Billing
Hosting accountsUnlimited250
Cloud hosting platform
Linux hosting
Windows hosting
WordPress hosting
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited bandwidth
10GB mailboxesFREE & UNLIMITED£28.96/yr
Mail antivirus scanning£17.99/yr
(per domain)
Unlimited databases✔ (1024MB)✔ (500MB)
SSL CertificatesFREE & UNLIMITED£39.99/yr
(per SSL)
Auto malware scanning£8.99 month
(per site)
Reseller VPS discounts
Reseller domain discounts
24x7 UK support
100% green hosting
Free CDN

If you would like a demo of our Reseller Hosting, you can book a call with one of our experts.

Hosting platform

All our reseller hosts’ customers are hosted on our proprietary autoscaling cloud hosting platform. Built for maximum speed and reliability, it handles high volumes of traffic effortlessly, without ever slowing down.

Intelligent load balancers distribute incoming traffic across our cloud platform. We automatically move websites to multiple, dedicated web servers responsible for handling any period of high traffic. If there’s a spike in demand and your hosting ‘neighbours’ become busy, it won’t impact any of your sites either.

Plus, with no LVE limits, your customers will never see ‘Resource Limit Reached’ warnings.

Unlike Heart Internet, your websites aren’t tied to a single web server, nor do they depend on a single instance of software.

Each element of our platform is redundant and standalone – mail servers are mail servers and web servers are web servers – there’s no mixed roles and all servers are 100% redundant. Server uptime and site availability are top priorities for your customers.

Our platform’s architecture ensures servers in every role (e.g. FTP, MySQL and Storage) are all fully redundant and load balanced.

Powering over 40% of all websites, WordPress is an important product suite for most hosts.

We go way beyond just a one-click install, with our fully featured and optimized WordPress hosting platform.

Plus, avoid bloaty plug-ins and expensive subscription fees with these integrated WordPress tools – completely free with WordPress optimised cloud hosting.

  • WordPress Manager: Manage all your WordPress themes, plugins, security and users from one central dashboard. Activate, update and disable in bulk.
  • WordPress Staging: Your customers can create a replica of their site with a single click and deploy changes over to the live site seamlessly.
  • StackCache Optimisation: Our proprietary caching technology speeds up page loading automatically and significantly, for all your users.
  • WP-CLI & more: Advanced users can use the likes of WP-CLI, SSH access, SFTP/FTP, PHP version control, phpMyAdmin, PHP configuration and scheduled scripts.

Hosted sites and package allowances

At 20i you get everything you need to sell as much web hosting as possible, without any additional licence fees.

This includes unlimited sites, databases, web space, free SSL, 10GB mailboxes and bandwidth.

Create custom hosting packages for your customers. Choose the features you want to offer, select pricing tiers, and scale your hosting business. Easily edit and clone any time.

Speed and performance

With 20i Reseller Hosting you can deliver lightning-fast speeds for all your customers; these optimizations come included:

  • Free and unlimited 20iCDN: This isn’t a slimmed-down version of Cloudflare. It’s a fully featured, global and unlimited CDN to deliver faster-loading websites, wherever your users are.
  • Website Acceleration Suite: Optimise your images and code to improve site speed without any additional WordPress plugins. Includes image resizing, compression, code minification, lazy loading and much more.
  • Edge caching: We automatically cache static content at our edge, ensuring rapid delivery of Images, JavaScript and CSS files to all your visitors around the world.
  • Optimised PHP: Customized PHP-FPM and OPcache to ensure that your website always gets the resources it needs. We support PHP 5.6 through to latest versions of PHP 8.0 so you can test compatibility and upgrade safely.

Email platform

The standard mailbox size here at 20i is 10GB whereas with Heart Internet, you get 1GB.

Heart Internet offer a ‘Premium’ mailbox which comes with 2GB of mail storage at £9 per year and you can purchase additional mailbox quota in 2GB increments at £4.99 per year.

For you to reach 10GB for a single mailbox with Heart Internet, this would cost you an additional  £33.95 per year.

At 20i, your email storage allowance is totally independent of your hosting storage. We’ve built an entirely separate platform and network designed with email security and performance in mind.

Inbound and outbound virus scanning is included free of charge and automatic mail reputation management ensure mail is delivered.

SSL Certificates

All our Reseller Hosting customers get unlimited free SSL Certificates for their hosting packages. We provide Free Wildcard SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt (These secure your main domain and your subdomains).

Free SSL certificates are not available with Heart Internet, and you pay a minimum of £39.99 per year for a Simple SSL certificate per domain name.

Hosting add-ons

Support your customers with a wide range of complimentary services and exclusive reseller website hosting discounts.

  • Resell Domain Names: Cheap domain reseller hosting as standard. White-label domain reseller tools and up-sell add-ons for maximum profits.
  • Managed Cloud Hosting: Sell 20iCloud, AWS and Google Cloud powered Cloud Hosting, managed by us. Perfect for large sites, ecommerce and businesses. Reseller exclusive 10% discount.
  • Email Upgrades: Provide customers with one-click upgrades to Premium Mailboxes and additional storage. Set up automatic alerts when they reach their current limits.
  • Premium SSL Certificates: Our Let’s Encrypt SSLs are free, but you can charge for them if you wish. For Simple or Extended certificates, we give you a 30% discount off the standard rates.
  • Virtual Private Servers: We offer a range of high-spec self-managed virtual private servers. 20i VPS Resellers get a 25% discount off the standard pricing to give you a competitive edge.

Automation and billing

Automate selling hosting, domains, email, security and more, quickly and easily. Your choice of WHMCS, HostShop and our API.

Heart Internet has closed down its automation toll ‘HostPay’ API and no longer offers support for WHMCS.

Customer support

Our award-winning support team are all Reseller Hosting specialists and available 24/7. The vast majority of positive reviews we get on sites like G2 and Trustpilot are thanks to the great support our customers receive.

Migrating to 20i

In February 2023, Heart Internet discontinued support for its API and as our automated Heart Internet migration tool worked using their API this can no longer be used unless you already have an existing Heart API connection/key.

Read our guide on how to manually backup files and databases within Heart Internet and restore them within 20i. 

We’ve also got a handy guide on how to transfer your domain from Heart Internet to 20i.

Prefer to follow a video? Then our guide below will show you how to migrate to 20i from Heart Internet.


20i offers a compelling set of advantages over Heart Internet. We offer superior performance, security, 24/7 UK-based support, feature-rich control panel and more. Your online presence deserves nothing but the best and we’re well equipped to deliver on that promise.

If you would like a demo of our Reseller Hosting, you can book a call with one of our experts. We’ll show you how easy it is to create packages, manage customers, apply your branding & profit selling the best hosting around. It’s also a great opportunity to get answers for any questions you have.

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