Selling High-Availability Hosting

Selling High-Availability Hosting to your clients 

What is High-Availability hosting?

High-availability hosting goes beyond traditional hosting solutions, leveraging a complex infrastructure designed to minimize downtime and maintain performance under various failure scenarios.

High-availability hosting provides maximum uptime for websites/applications by eliminating a platform’s reliance on any single element.

This is achieved through:

  • Redundancy 
  • Automatic failover 
  • Load balancing 
  • Real time data replication 

Our Reseller Hosting is powered by a proprietary autoscaling cloud platform, which means our customers can sell High-Availability hosting to their clients.

ℹ️ A note on cPanel hosting: cPanel Reseller Hosting can never be categorised as ‘High-Availability hosting’. cPanel based websites can only be run on a single server, which means a customer’s website, email and databases are tied to that server’s performance levels.

High-Availability Hosting

Why is High-Availability Hosting important?


If you’re an agency building and managing websites for clients, your reputation hangs on the reliability and performance of these sites.

High-availability hosting ensures that your clients’ websites are always up and running, no matter what.

It’s about peace of mind—for you and your clients. If a server goes down, the system is designed to switch to a backup without missing a beat, meaning your clients’ sites stay online, keeping their businesses running smoothly.

This reliability can be a major selling point when pitching to prospective clients, setting your agency apart from competitors.

Web Hosts

As a web host, your business model revolves around providing reliable hosting services.

High-availability hosting is critical here because it directly impacts your value proposition.

Downtime for your customers means lost revenue and potentially losing those customers to competitors.

High-availability hosting helps ensure that doesn’t happen. By offering a hosting solution that’s designed to handle failures gracefully and keep sites online, you’re providing a service that’s attractive to businesses for whom uptime is critical.

This can help you attract a higher calibre of clients, those for whom the cost of downtime far outweighs the cost of your hosting services.

How does High-Availability Hosting work?


High-availability hosting is built on the principle of redundancy. For example, at 20i we use fully redundant web, database, FTP and mail servers, so your customers’ resources and data is never tied to any one server.

Additionally, we always have a buffer of hot spares in place for critical hardware such as low-latency SSDs, high performance servers and enterprise class network switches.

Another layer of redundancy involves regularly and securely sending up-to-date versions of website data to a dedicated backup data centre at least 150 miles away from any other of our data centres.  In the event of a local or even regional disaster; data is rapidly restored to replacement hardware, thus resuming full service capacity. 

Battery backups and generators make sure that all our servers always get the power they need. Backup power supply inside each server further ensures uninterrupted services.

Automatic failover 

Hardware is only half of the story – our engineers have developed robust and performant server-side software solutions that manage the minutia of millions of simultaneous workloads.  

If any part of the platform physically fails, the redundant or replacement parts know exactly what to do to seamlessly take over. The entire process takes place invisibly to your users. 

Dynamic load balancing 

Load balancing is about sharing traffic across servers. Other web hosts use load balancing – but not the kind we’ve developed. Their load balancing mitigates failover: if a server goes down, your site will be moved to another, so it stays online.

It’s a kind of disaster recovery. That’s expected: we offer that kind of server redundancy as well, even though we use some of the best hardware in the industry – thanks to our long-term partners at Dell – and a robust 10 Gb network.

But 20i load balancing is of a different calibre.

Our global load balancing makes use of monitors that will respond to traffic load and balance it across multiple servers when needed. Many other providers don’t offer this. The consequence for you is this: with 20i, your site stays online, and remains fast, whatever load the servers are under.

Real-time data replication 

All 20i servers utilise data integrity technologies such as ECC memory and RAID to reduce the possibility of corruption.  

Whenever any data is written to your website, copies are automatically and immediately made to preserve parity and ensure trustworthiness. 

What are the benefits of high-availability hosting? 

Maximum uptime 

The main benefit of high-availability hosting is that your websites have a dramatically reduced chance of experiencing downtime.  

This is a particularly crucial consideration for ecommerce and web apps where service outages come with monetary consequences. 

Fault tolerance 

Our infrastructure is designed and deployed with robustness in mind. With multiple servers in different locations, we can serve your content to your users even in the event of mechanical failure.  

With redundancy and automatic failover mechanisms in place; we’ve got you covered if something goes wrong. 

Improved Performance 

Load balancing enhances the overall performance of your website by distributing network traffic evenly across multiple servers.  

Efficiently allocating resources allows the full processing power of our CPUs to be brought to bear.  

This approach not only reduces wear on the enterprise class data centre hardware we use, but further reduces the chances of mechanical failure. 

Data Consistency 

Real-time data replication ensures data consistency. If, for example, something were to happen to the fast, solid state drives we use to store your data – even if they are being written to at the time – the way that our storage is set up means that drives or entire servers can be lost and rebuilt seamlessly without corruption or data loss. 

Selling High-Availability Hosting

If you are looking for high-availability hosting to host your customers, we’re here to help. Contact our technical sales team via the live chat option on our website, call them on 0333 344 2720 (Europe) / 866-463-5007 (USA) or book a demo here.

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