Interview with Tom Winter founder of SEOwind

Interview with Tom Winter, co-founder of SEOwind

SEOwind was launched in November 2022 and promises to help SEOs and content creators to be more effective in their work. By using data from the top results in the search engine results pages (SERPS), it creates a content outline within minutes.

This outline can be used to create a brief for higher ranking content. It gives you data on the optimal content word count, headings, images as well as the relevant questions people are asking. It shows how the top ranking competition has structured their content.

This all just from typing in a focus keyword.

Sounds too good to be true?

That is why we’ve gone to the source. We asked the co-founder of SEOwind, Tom Winter, how this all works and what the inspiration was to create this SEO content tool.

Hi Tom. Thanks for taking your time to talk to us. First, can you tell us who is behind SEOwind and what inspired you to start this project?

Throughout the last 15 years, I’ve developed with the founding team dozens of SEO frameworks and tested out various tools and data sources. To do so, I’ve used what I like to call the ‘Human as a Service’ method – meaning we did everything manually – with dozens of customers from all over the world. I’ve seen those businesses produce great SEO results, but it took a lot of manual work. I believed it can be done in a much quicker and more optimised way.

That’s how SEOwind was born. SEOwind is a tool that helps you create SEO content briefs in minutes rather than hours. That way you can create content that has a much better chance of ranking higher on Google and boost your organic traffic.

There are tons of SEO tools out there. How does SEOwind differ?

In the SEOwind approach, we are very data-oriented. We firmly believe that making decisions based on data is what matters and brings results. We’re incorporating into the tool things that we know are working as we tested them.

Most of the tools available on the market that help with generating outlines are on the creative side. What I mean by that is that they basically use ChatGPT to come up with the topics they should cover in their piece of content.

The problem is that currently Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT, are Language Models and not Knowledge Models. Therefore the output you’ll get might sound good on first glance, but it’s not what it seems. It has nothing to do with looking at data, researching what works in search results, what questions users have, or figuring out how I can deliver more value for my audience. We’re simplifying this tedious research process, providing you with all the data you need and enabling you to create briefs in minutes.

In our approach, we’re not implementing anything that we wouldn’t use for ourselves. We’re cautious about introducing features like AI content writing.

When the user just types in one focus keyword – what data do they get and how can it be used?

One focus keyword, so much data. The most important are:

  1. Competitive Analysis – we deliver you top SERPs with their title, meta description, and word count. From this, you can figure out what type of content ranks, what is the search intent and what can be an angle for your piece of content.
  2. Competitor Outlines – where you can find Top SERPs headings. You can use it to start creating your own outline, making it as comprehensive as you wish.
  3. Questions to Answer – where you will find PeopleAlsoAsk questions from Google, Quora, and Reddit questions. This way you can get insights into what interests your potential group, and what are their needs or pains.
  4. Secondary keywords – you can find out what other keywords top SERPs are ranking for. This helps to identify the topics you need to cover.
  5. Recommendations on word count, number of headings, and images/media – all this to help you create content that has a chance to stand a fight with what is already ranking.

It’s not the end. we’re introducing keyword clustering to make it easier for content writers to cover what relates to the topic.

Other tools provide your main competitors and their ranking, so what sets SEOwind apart?

We’re providing all the data in one place so that you can solely focus on creating your brief. No more going from tab to tab and doing tedious research.

You also provide a section called ‘Questions to Answer’. Again many tools provide ‘frequently asked questions’. What is the difference in the results by SEOwind?

We are not only providing questions but also links to the sources. This way you can quickly review whether there are any other insights from subject matter experts you would like to cover.

You’ve given us some insight on what the tool does. Now, who is it for? Is it something for everyone, for agencies, SEO experts, small or big companies?

SEOwind serves various groups with different needs. Internal marketing and content teams use it to streamline their brief-making process. By using SEOwind, they give their content writers a better shot at ranking high. Marketing and content agencies use SEOwind as a part of their content creation process to ensure quality content for their customers.

Last but not least, SEO experts and content writers use it to better define what should be inside the content. No matter who is using the tool, it cuts at least half their time spent on briefs and adds to the quality of the briefs they are creating.

If someone wants to try it out, do they have to pay for it from the start or is there a free trial?

If you would like to try out the tool, just to see how it works just find me on Linkedin or send us an email.  I’ll be happy to meet with you, show you around, and grant you access to SEOwind, so you can try it out yourself. From my side, I would also love to hear your story about how you are currently working with content creation.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Tom.

Having tried it myself, I have to say it really offers a lot of insights when researching a keyword and saves a lot of time creating a content brief. I am sure it’s going to be a great help for those who are tasked with creating content that ranks.

You can find more information on the SEOwind homepage or just contact Tom if you want to try it.

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