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New Features in HostShop 2024

HostShop is the best and easiest way to manage your web hosting business. We have made HostShop even better by adding more useful features, such as:

Selling Cloud Servers with customisable URLs

This update helps your new customers to get up and running with cloud servers more quickly and easily.

Start by customising your URLs to specify cloud server size, optimisations, location, provider and whether or not Timeline Backups are included.

The customised URLs can now be used in your post-sign-up communications, as part of your onboarding process, in email campaigns, online advertising, social media posts etc.

The URLs take your customers directly to your HostShop’s Build Cloud Server page where the options you specified earlier will be prepopulated.

We changed how this part of HostShop behaves so that non-authenticated users can visit your Build Cloud Server page.

After clicking “Deploy Cloud Server”, your customers will be able to create their StackCP User account and complete their purchase.


In response to overwhelming customer feedback; India’s largest payment gateway, Razorpay, is now available as an option within HostShop.

Head to the Payment Gateways page to enable this option.

Improved HostShop Payment Gateway Controls

It is now possible to configure payment gateways on a per-currency basis.

This new feature gives you greater control over the way that HostShop accepts payments to work most expediently for your circumstances.

For example; set GBP payments to be accepted by Bank Transfer, INR to Razorpay and Stripe for USD.

Choose which currencies are available to your customers from the Currencies page.

Payment Frequency Displayed at Checkout

For greater flexibility and transparency; new HostShop customers can choose their desired payment frequency at checkout before creating their StackCP User account.

We’ve also ensured consistent styling between the non-authenticated checkout and the authenticated checkout for a more cohesive user experience.

Add payment frequency options from the HostShop Product Catalogue.

Screenshot showing the Monthly and Annually payment frequency options

Order WordPress Hosting

As WordPress continues to be an industry leader in terms of popularity, we have streamlined the process of adding WordPress hosting for your customers by including a dedicated “Order WordPress Hosting” icon in StackCP.

The icon displays if the “Split WordPress package from other hosting” option is enabled. To disable the icon, simply uncheck the “Split WordPress package from other hosting” in the Display Options section of the Preferences tab.

Screenshot of the new Order WordPress Hosting icon

Show Monthly Equivalent Pricing

A new pricing view has been added to HostShop: “Advertise Monthly Equivalent Price”.

Discounts are often applied to services when purchased on a yearly basis.

Showing the monthly equivalent price and yearly price together better demonstrates the savings a customer can enjoy.

This new view takes the customer’s yearly price and divides it by 12. A simple, but effective tweak that can be activated from the Preferences submenu of HostShop.

Screenshot showing where to check to enable the Advertise Monthly Equivalent Pricing feature

Email Invoices to Additional Recipients

StackCP Users can now add additional recipients to their invoice emails, i.e., CC’d Email Addresses.

This can be done from the StackCP User’s “Preferences” section and is highly recommended when StackCP Users have an Accounts Department or similar that processes invoices.

Screenshot of the StackCP User interface wherein additional invoice recipients can be added

These new features and functions are the latest in a long line of improvements. Many more are in development.

If there are any features or functions that you would like to see then let us know by submitting your feedback here.

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