Reseller hosting guide

Reseller hosting: make your business a success

This is our hub for all articles covering how to get started in reseller hosting.

It’s a series that will grow with time. It’s suitable for those starting a hosting business or adding hosting packages to an existing business.

Even those already running a successful hosting company may find some useful tips and advice, so read on!

Should you sell web hosting? 10 questions to ask yourself.

Should you become a web hosting reseller?

Unsure about reseller web hosting? Answer these questions and decide whether you’re cut out for web hosting as business. Read more.

Starting a web hosting company: building a brand

Bear standing out with a brand, reseller web hosting

This article covers 5 tips on building a hosting company brand. Read more.

How to resell more WordPress hosting

Man using WordPress

Tips on how to sell more WordPress hosting. Read more.

How to sell virtual private servers

Sell more VPS

How to sell VPS – or more VPS (!) – if you’re 20i Reseller. Read more.

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