How to boost revenue & client retention with reseller hosting

How to boost revenue & client retention with Reseller Hosting

If you’re a web designer or developer, one of the best ways to bring in more revenue on a recurring basis, and increase client retention, is to host your clients’ websites.

Reseller Hosting from companies like 20i give you the platform and tools you need to easily host and manage all your clients’ websites.

This can be a paid service or even as an added-value service for clients you work with on a retainer basis.

In this article we’ll look at the key reasons why you should host your clients’ websites, including:

  • Recurring revenue
  • Client retention
  • High margins
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Happy clients

Recurring revenue

If you are working from project to project with no guarantees of where your next job will come from selling hosting services provides a steady stream of income and security for your business.

Unlike one-time projects, hosting generates ongoing revenue through subscription-based models.

This predictable source of revenue helps ensure you can plan for the future and reduces financial risk by diversifying your income streams.

Web design stat: how they get paid
Source: 20i Web Designer Survey

Client retention

Hosting services create an opportunity to build long-term relationships with your clients.

Most web design and development tasks are one-off projects. It can be years until your client is ready to approach you again regarding redesigns or significant updates.

Statistics show that 92% of web design projects are completed within three months
Source: 20i Web Designer Survey

Maintaining an ongoing relationship in this environment is difficult, and there is no guarantee the client will come back to you for future work.

When you handle their hosting needs, you become an integral part of their online presence.

Additionally, clients appreciate the convenience of having a single point of contact for design, development and hosting.

This trust and continuity leads to client loyalty and repeat business.

High margins

Hosting services offer attractive profit margins.

Reseller hosting through companies like 20i offers predictable, low pricing each month with the opportunity for you to profit from your investment.

The revenue generated from hosting subscriptions can significantly outweigh the initial investment.

For example, 20i’s Reseller Hosting starts at just £40 per month and comes with 50 hosting accounts.

If you charge your clients £10 per month, that’s a profit of £460 per month and over £5,000 per year.

Hosting your clients’ websites is a scalable business model with minimal overhead.

No technical knowledge required

Web designers and developers can focus on their core expertise without worrying about server management or technical complexities.

By partnering with a reliable hosting provider like 20i, they offload the technical aspects, including server maintenance, security, and updates.

This allows you to concentrate on creating exceptional websites for your clients.

Happy clients

Great hosting equals happy clients. A high-performing hosting service contributes massively to overall client satisfaction.

Fast loading times, reliable uptime, robust security, and responsive customer support enhance the user experience.

When clients’ websites perform seamlessly, they are more likely to recommend your services, and return for future projects.

Source: 20i Web Designer Survey

Getting started with 20i Reseller Hosting

20i’s exclusive autoscaling platform enables web designers and developers to deliver optimal performance for clients’ websites, no matter how much traffic they get.

Our intuitive control panel simplifies account management, client billing, and resource allocation so you spend less time on administrative tasks and more on being creative.

As your business grows, 20i allows seamless scaling without compromising performance. Whether you have a handful of clients or a thriving portfolio; the 20i reseller platform adapts to your needs.

Finally, responsive customer support available 24×7 ensures you’re never alone in managing your reseller hosting business, offering peace of mind for you and your clients.

Choose 20i for a seamless reseller hosting experience that empowers your web design business!

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