How to pick the best Reseller Hosting for your agency

If you’re an agency or freelancer aiming to boost your revenue by offering web hosting to clients, you have two options.

You can use your own server and manage all the technical aspects yourself, or you can make your life much easier (and profitable) by signing up with a reseller hosting company who free you from dealing with hosting issues, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

The challenge lies in choosing the right partner.

The perfect reseller hosting platform strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness, quality hosting products and comprehensive features.

In this guide we’ll help you identify what to look for in a reseller hosting partner to guarantee your long-term success.

  • What features should you prioritize in a hosting reseller program?
  • What potential issues should you be aware of when selecting a hosting provider?
Note: Approach any hosting related reviews with a healthy dose of scepticism. These reviews are often skewed by the commission paid from web hosts for each referral. Always corroborate the information from various sources before making your decision. Sites that don’t rely on commission include Trustpilot and G2.

High-availability platform

If you’re an agency building and managing websites for clients, your reputation hangs on the reliability and performance of these sites.

High-availability hosting ensures that your clients’ websites are always up and running, no matter what.

If a server has issues, the system is designed to switch to a backup without missing a beat, meaning your clients’ sites stay online, keeping their businesses running smoothly.

Flow chart depicting the relationship between various technologies and principles involved in deploying and delivering a high availability hosting infrastructure.

Additionally, does the reseller host offer fully redundant web, database, FTP and mail servers, so your customers’ resources and data is never tied to any one server?

Note: cPanel Reseller Hosting can never be high-availability or cloud hosting. cPanel based websites can only be run on a single server, which means a customer’s website, email and databases are tied to that server’s performance levels.

More than just hosting

Hosting files and scripts is just one part of running a website.

Does the reseller host include essential features (fully integrated in to their platform) such as…?

  • Purchase/renew domain names
  • DNS control
  • Database management
  • SSL Certificates
  • Email
  • CDN
  • Backups
  • PHP version control
  • Staging/cloning
  • Malware scanning
  • WAF

Easy website management

Intuitive control panels like our own My20i simplify account management, client billing, and resource allocation, so you spend less time on administrative tasks.

Ask for a demo of the control panel before you commit to purchasing.

White label branding and customization

The platform should let you brand the hosting services with your logo and colours, giving you a professional appearance.

Plus, a good reseller host will give you the tools to create your own bespoke hosting plans.

For example, at 20i you can choose to create a one-size fits all product, a range of pre-determined plans and even a bespoke plan per customer  – the choice is yours.

Client portal and automation

If you’re planning on giving your customers control of their hosting, domains or email, a user-friendly client portal and automation features streamlines your operations and enhances client satisfaction.

StackCP home page

Efficient billing, invoicing, and client management tools are also vital for running your reseller hosting business smoothly.

Look for a platform flexible enough to use different billing platform such as HostShop or WHMCS and an active API to integrate with your systems.

Team collaboration

Sharing an account’s log in with full access to everything, with every one, is incredibly insecure and exposes sensitive information to whoever has access.

Look for a solution that gives you unlimited team members access, each with different permissions and admin rights.

Easy migration

Migrating in clients to your hosting shouldn’t be an extreme sport, or cost you any money for the privilege.

Look for a reseller host that gives you the tools to easily migrate as many clients as you want, at any time and with out any downtime.


The internet is responsible for around 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s similar to the amount produced by the global airline industry.

By hosting your clients on a green hosing platform, you can be assured that your websites are stored on servers that avoid contributing to climate change.

Expert customer support

Exceptional customer support can significantly contribute to your success as a reseller.

Look for companies that offer 24/7 support and have a solid reputation for customer service.

Great value for money

Cheap does not always mean good value. The pricing structure should enable you to make a fair profit while offering competitive prices to your clients.

Monthly Price£69.99£120$59.99
Hosting Accounts50024250
SSD Disk per SiteUnlimited1.67GB0.5GB
No. Active Sites*500120
(1GB per 4 accounts)
Standard Mailbox Size10GBUses Website
Uses Website
Unlimited Databases1024 MBUses Website
Uses Website

*WordPress site using 1GB RAM

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