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10 of the best subreddits for design inspiration

Looking for a new source of inspiration? Reddit is full of different communities dedicated to thousands of topics. This article focuses specifically on design inspiration. I’ve highlighted my top picks ranging from general design subreddits to more topic-specific ones.

I’ve avoided web design subreddits in this list, as this post is more about design inspiration (which could include the design of a website). If you want to ask technical questions or read threads about web design, a great place to start is r/web_design.

Whether you’re a regular Reddit user or a beginner, these subs are a great way to not only find inspiration but also to join in with their community.


Starting off this list with the most obvious choice r/design. This is a huge subreddit with over 1.9m members! It’s extremely active which means it’s a great place to find news, inspiration and any other design-related content.  

The largest most popular design subreddit


One of the most notable mentions on this list is r/DesignPorn. With a over 1.1 million members this page is practically bursting with design inspiration.  

This subreddut is great for design inspiration, including web design

r/graphic design 

One of the largest subreddits – r/graphic design is a great place for your daily graphic designer news fix. With over 657k designers you’ll never run out of ideas. 

A top graphic design subreddit


UI (user interface) design is just as important as UX design. 

Although r/UI_Design is a lot smaller than the others on this list the quality of the content is up there. The best part about this page is that you can submit your own work and get feedback from others in the sub.  

UI Design subreddit


If you’re looking specifically for logo inspiration, r/LogoDesign is the one for you. Not only is it a great place to discuss techniques, trends and software but it’s also a great place to get feedback on your work. 

Logo Design Subreddit


This is a particular favourite of mine (perhaps due to my 90s baby bias). r/90sdesign is full of cool images, graphics, illustrations and everything with a 90s style. It’s a great place to source inspiration from and get some fly 90s nostalgia!  

90s design subreddit: a place for nineties nostalgia


I couldn’t include the 90s sub on this list and miss out r/80sdesign. This is another general subreddit which is full of totally rad content to pull inspiration from. Think lots of neon colours and geometric shapes. 

Cool 80s design subreddit


The name kind of speaks for itself on this one but, r/DesignInspire is a great place for all things inspiration! Unfortunately, it’s not very active but there’s still some great content already available on there. 

Design inspire subreddit: perfect for inspiration


For all things typography, visit r/typography. This sub includes inspiration, news, tips and everything else digital typography related. With over 195k designers this community is very active.  

Subreddit for typography inspo


This one is for all of you minimalists out there. r/minimalism is a great subreddit for inspiration and it’s ever-growing with over 621k members currently. We’ve probably used too many words to describe already for the liking of minimalists.

Minimalism subreddit

Let us know if you’ve checked out any of these subreddits, or if you’ve got any other recommendations.

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