Why 20i is the best Cloudways alternative

If you’re considering managed cloud hosting for your website, choosing a provider can be difficult.

10 things that only 20i Reseller Hosting can do

What makes 20i better than other reseller hosting companies? It’s a good question, and the TL:DR answer is a lot. If you want more detail than that, keep reading. This isn’t a “Them vs. Us” article...

Interview with Sarah Hawk, the Co-CEO of Discourse 

Discourse is a well-known discussion platform. Founded in 2013, its focus is to offer a highly-customisable platform for civilized discussion. The popular open-source project is used by more than 30...

Why AWS and GCP are better with 20i

What’s the big difference between going direct to AWS & GCP, and going through 20i?

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