11 niche website galleries for maximum inspiration

Sites like Pinterest, Dribble, and One Page Love are fantastic destinations to get inspired for your next project.

However, over time the designs on show can all start to look the same or you’ve got to trawl through hundreds to find one related to your specific use case.

The sites listed below break out of the norm and focus on a specific niche e.g. a particular design style or individual components.

If you’ve got any ‘go-to’ niche sources for inspiration you’d like to share, leave a comment below.

Brutal Web

In their own words… “In some ways, Web Brutalism is an ancestor of web design — insofar as the sites of the web 1.0 era took the form of their function. After the surge of interest in 10th decades the style’s been forgotten a little bit. This gallery serves as a reminder as to how of Web Brutalism’s raw unpolished beauty and new forms.”

Get inspired: https://brutalweb.xyz

Empty States

In their own words… “A curated gallery showcasing designs where no data is available in the UI.”

Get inspired: https://emptystat.es

Auto Interfaces

In their own words… “The future of the car lies in the interface that the occupants interact with, and so Auto Interfaces was created to collect and share the state of the industry. We built this tool for the curious; to show designers, engineers, project managers, auto executives and enthusiasts what is happening on the forefront of the modern in-car digital interaction.”

Get inspired: https://www.autointerfaces.com

The Whimsical Web

In their own words… “this site is meant to showcase how a more personal web could look like, and hopefully give you some inspiration to make your own corner of the web a bit weirder.”

Get inspired: https://whimsical.club


In their own words…”.We saw a need for footer-specific inspiration in the web design space and decided to build an MVP site to collect and curate inspiration for our fellow designers.”

Get inspired: https://www.footer.design


In their own words… “Not just another dead end or page rendered obsolete, but a place to design a pixelated treat—404 pages are where joy & errors meet.”

Get inspired: https://www.404s.design

Flowjam’s product launch gallery

In their own words…”Huge library of product launch videos.”

Get inspired: https://www.flowjam.co/library

Really Good Emails

In their own words… “Over 12.000 curated emails and counting, discover the best examples to help build your next campaign. “

Get inspired: https://reallygoodemails.com


In their own words “Showreelz is a creative feed showcasing inspiring and notable motion design systems.”

Get inspired: https://www.showreelz.com


In their own words…”Interactive examples of great dark mode implementations on the internet, including from many well-known companies.”

Get inspired: https://darkmodes.com

Adele by UX Pin

In their own words… “The repository of publicly available design systems and pattern libraries”

Get inspired: https://adele.uxpin.com

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