Website Turbo

Brand new Website Turbo: Even faster websites for your customers

Our Reseller Hosting autoscaling platform is fast, really fast. Combined with our free and unlimited CDN, it sets the benchmark for other web hosts to follow. 

Now you can go even further with our brand new ‘Website Turbo’ add-on.

Starting at £4.99/$4.99 a month per site, Website Turbo combines…

  • Pre-caching in all our CDN locations
  • High frequency compute nodes
  • Larger MySQL storage

… to deliver even faster websites for your customers. 

⚡Log in to My20i to activate Website Turbo.

➡️ Note: Website Turbo is an exclusive add-on for our Reseller Hosting customers. 

What is included with Website Turbo?

StackCDN Pre-Caching 

Once Website Turbo is activated on a hosting package, we’ll instantly start pre-fetching the website at all of our CDN locations around the globe.

Pre-caching ensures a much higher cache hit rate for all users regardless of location, and in turn a faster experience for your customers’ traffic. 

In My20i, you also get access to a new Cache Report that will show you the pages we’ve identified, whether they’re cacheable and if they’re not, the reason why not.

This provides a very easy way of identifying and resolving caching issues across websites to deliver maximum performance.  

High Frequency Compute 

Our load balancers will begin balancing websites to our high frequency compute nodes.

These nodes guarantee the websites access to faster processors, operating at a minimum of 3Ghz base frequency.

In tests, we’ve typically seen on average 25% faster benchmarks. 

Bigger MySQL Storage 

You get an increased 5GB quota on our MySQL servers for all databases on a package with the Website Turbo add-on.

Perfect for ecommerce stores with large product catalogues and lots of customers.  

Website Turbo pricing 

Website Turbo is charged on a site by site basis. Prices start at £4.99/$4.99 a month per site, with tiered discounts for more sites.  

  • 1-9 Sites: £4.99/$4.99 per site 
  • 10-49 sites: £4.49/$4.49 per site 
  • 50-99 sites: £3.99/$3.99 per site 
  • 100+ sites: £3.49/$3.49 per site 

We are using a credits model for Website Turbo. Once purchased, you can apply these credits to any of your hosting packages.

This allows you to easily move allowances between packages without having to cancel/re-order.  

Credits don’t have to be used right away – this allows you to resell credits that you’ve purchased and easily move allowances between packages without having to cancel/re-order.

Applying Website Turbo to a hosting package

Once you have bought your Website Turbo credits, simply go to ‘Manage Hosting‘ in My20i, and select ‘Assign Website Turbo Credit’ from the ‘Options’ dropdown menu.

That’s all you need to do!

Website Turbo and HostShop 

You can make Website Turbo available to purchase through HostShop, as a ‘Hosting’ add-on.

Simply choose the product name (or keep it as Website Turbo) and your pricing.  

Unlimited Reseller Hosting


  • We already have “Lightning-fast & high-availability autoscaling cloud hosting”. I’m not sure why we have to pay extra for speeds faster than lightning. Does this mean the hosting will be throttled to force us to use the new “Website Turbo”?

    What other pricing changes van we expect in the near future?

    • As we mention in the blog post, our autoscaling platform is already really fast. Website Turbo uses technology like pre-caching and high-compute nodes to take it up a level.

      No, we aren’t throttling anyone’s hosting, that would be highly unethical and go against our principles.

      To be clear, this is a new optional feature, it isn’t a price increase.

  • I really like this new feature, however I don’t know if I’m a big fan of the credits system just yet, especially as it’s only this one feature that uses them.

    I know myself, and other resellers have been asking for the possibility of choosing which sites we wish to apply timeline backups to, could this also use the credits system to make this possible?

    • Great to read you like it, the credits system is a new thing for us but we feel it’s the prefect payment model for a service like Website Turbo.

      With regards to Timeline Backups, we currently don’t have any plans to use credits for that service.