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The domain name is clear and direct. It’s a personal website, that’s UK-based.

If you want to show off your portfolio, create an online CV or write a blog, then is a good choice. The ‘me’ makes it about ‘you’, and having the ‘uk’ in your domain name gives it British credibility. For obvious reasons, it’s meant for personal sites - but there are no restrictions on who can register it. For example, a business owner could register Even so, it’s usually used for personal projects.

The extension is becoming more popular recently, as people move away from social media. It makes a great choice for a UK website where you can show off your skills, hobbies or passions.

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If you find a domain cheaper, remember to check the small print! There are no ‘hidden’ charges with 20i. Plus you get…

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All your DNS records can be controlled from My20i: from A and CNAME to TXT and SRV.

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Get 100 x 10 GB mailboxes with your domain. It’s all here: Forwarding, autoresponders, send-only accounts, junk mail filters, sub-addresses, easy migration and Webmail access.

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Our nameservers use Google’s reliable global network to deliver quick responses.

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We’ve built such an amazing platform that we want to share it with as many of you as possible! So how would you like free hosting, with a free CDN and no ads?

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Jeff Towerzey domain FAQs

How do I transfer my domain?

The domain is run by Nominet, which makes it free to transfer to 20i. It’s a matter of changing the domain tag to ‘STACK’ and hitting our ‘Transfer a domain’ tool in our control panel, My20i. For further information about all domain transfers, please see How do I transfer my domain to you?

Yes. While you always need to have a named individual to go in your WHOIS record, you can certainly register it at your business address and run a business website. There are no restrictions on the use of the top-level domain.

We’re afraid not - but there’s a good reason for that.

With 20i, what you pay in the first year is the same price as renewal. That way, you can make savings on renewal of up to 50% compared to other domain name registrars. You end up saving a lot more in the long run.

You won’t lose any time already paid for on your domain by transferring to 20i and once the domain transfer has completed you’ll get an additional year applied for free!

​You can begin designing your site and adding content right away. However, your site may not be accessible everywhere immediately. It could take up to 48 hours. This is because of domain propagation: find out more here.