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20i Discounts

Reseller hosting discounts & resources

Exclusive discounts to boost your profits

  • Profit selling Domains, Premium SSL, Managed Cloud Hosting & more
  • Jump-start your web hosting business with our free resources and guides
$1 first month

Then only $59.99/pm

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20i Discounts

Don’t just sell hosting, sell more hosting

Support your customers with a wide range of complimentary services and exclusive reseller website hosting discounts.

Managed cloud hosting
Managed Cloud Hosting

Sell 20iCloud, AWS and Google Cloud powered Cloud Hosting, managed by us. Perfect for large sites, ecommerce and businesses. Reseller exclusive 10% discount.

Premium SSL certificates
Premium SSL Certificates

Our Let’s Encrypt SSLs are free but you can charge for them, if you wish. For Simple or Extended certificates we give you a 30% discount off the standard rates, allowing you to earn a commission.

Domain names
Domain Names

20i’s domain names are the best value already. But to help you make a profit as a domain reseller, we give you up to 30% discount on every TLD.

Timeline backups
Timeline Backups

Offer your customers 30-day snapshot backups of all their files, databases and email.

Additional mailbox storage
Additional Mailbox Storage

Sell bolt-on mailbox storage to your customers. Set up automatic alerts when they reach their storage limit.

Virtual private servers
Virtual Private Servers

We offer a range of high-spec self-managed virtual private servers. 20i VPS Resellers get a 25% discount off the standard pricing to give you a competitive edge.

Reseller Discounts on Domain Names

With a 20i Reseller Hosting account, you’re guaranteed an ongoing discount of up to 30% on domain names. This continues on to renewals. Make a profit or pass on the discount.

Yearly Price
Transfer Price
Yearly Reseller Price
Reseller Transfer Price

Honest pricing from domain experts

Our founders set up 123-Reg back in 2000. Benefit from our years of experience in the industry with wholesale domain prices and value-added features.

We don’t offer ‘loss leader’ first year prices that inflate in subsequent years. Neither do we offer a raft of ‘add-ons’: all the important things are included. You pay the same predictable, discounted amount year-on-year.

20i founders

Resell Domains

No one makes it easier to become a domain reseller. Offer the lowest prices, more free features than your competitors and manage your domains in bulk.

Cheapest domains
The  Cheapest Domains

We’ve made our domain name pricing as low as possible. You don’t pay more for renewals and there are no hidden costs, so you can resell for a profit.

Extra value
Extra Value

Every domain comes with great free features, from a 10 GB mailbox to a user-friendly control panel. It’s more reason for your customers to choose you.

Reseller API
Reseller API

The 20i Reseller API gives you all the control you could want. Set contacts, nameservers, add DNS records, check availability, and register and transfer domains independently.

Bulk management
Bulk Management

Make use of My20i’s time-saving tools to manage domains in bulk. If you want, you can give clients full control via StackCP with features like web/email forwarding and DNS management.

Build relationships
Build Relationships

The permanent nature of domain names means you build long-term relationships with your clients and their brand. This leads to more referrals and a reliable income. By keeping the same price after the first year, you avoid complaints.

Reseller hosting first
Reseller Hosting First

We focus on developing our platforms and services for 20i Resellers first. This means that all our products and services - including domains - are designed to work well for Resellers straight out of the box.

Free, Simple and Extended SSL Certificates

Free SSL

Unlimited FREE SSL Certificates


  • https://your-domain.com
  • Improve Google ranking
  • Padlock icon for your site visitors
  • Simple, one-click activation
  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate
  • Site must use our nameservers

Powered by

Let's Encrypt free SSL

We offer resellers Free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Every free SSL certificate is a ‘wildcard’ one, meaning that it can secure any number of subdomains of a website. They help improve Google ranking and reassure potential customers that a site is secure. The Let’s Encrypt SSLs require you to use our nameservers.

Simple SSL

30% off for Resellers (usual price [[ formatMoney(priceSimpleSSLnonRS) ]])

  • https://your-domain.com
  • Improve Google ranking
  • Padlock icon for your site visitors
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate
  • Ideal for Ecommerce Sites

Powered by

GeoTrust SSL

An ecommerce business might prefer to buy one of our Simple SSL certificates from GeoTrust, which doesn’t require you to use our nameservers. We offer these at discounted rates for resellers. Both Free and Simple SSLs types include domain validation, which means that the certificate authority has checked the domain owner.

Wildcard SSL

Covers all additional subdomains

  • https://your-domain.com
  • Improve Google ranking
  • Padlock icon for your site visitors
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate
  • Ideal for Ecommerce Sites

Powered by

GeoTrust SSL

For sites or applications with mulitple subdomains a Wildcard SSL certificate from GeoTrust will ensure they're all secure as well as covered by an underwritten warranty. The Wildcard SSL includes domain validation, which means that the certificate authority has checked the domain owner.

Extended SSL

6% off for Resellers (usual price [[ formatMoney(priceExtendedSSLnonRS) ]])

  • https://your-domain.com
  • Improve Google ranking
  • Business Name in Address Bar
  • Underwritten $1.5 million Warranty
  • Ideal for Ecommerce Sites
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

Powered by

GeoTrust SSL

Geotrust provide our Extended SSLs – the highest class of SSLs available. It includes more stringent checks on the company by the certificate authorities. An Extended SSL lends more credibility to a website compared to a Free or Simple SSL. It includes a warranty and an Extended Validation certificate.

$1 first month

Then only $59.99/pm

Free Resources

We make it as easy as possible to get started as a web hosting reseller. So we give you white-label product guides, data sheets, marketing copy – and other bonus freebies!

White-label support

Support your customers using the same information from our Support Database. Your company name and URLs replace ours automatically, and we keep it up to date on your behalf – easy!

Marketing copy

Our free marketing copy will get your web hosting business off to a profitable start! Use and adapt our tried-and-tested promotional copy and become a successful hosting reseller.

Product guides

How to start a reseller hosting business. Our free Product Guides cover the best ways to position and present yourself in the market, how to make more sales and bust some common customer myths.


Our white-label datasheets give you a wealth of detailed specs. Use these on your site or as PDFs to print out or email to prospective clients.

HostShop templates

If you’re setting-up as a web hosting reseller, these modern templates for hosting websites that compliment our HostShop store are where you can start.

HTML templates

Preview and download a range of exclusive HTML website templates. These responsive designs help you create a complete website in just minutes.

WordPress themes

Choose from a selection of high-quality, modern WordPress themes. Created for 20i customers, they’re easy to install. You can activate a fresh new website design in seconds.

Logos, stock photos & more

We hand-picked our royalty-free stock photography around a ‘web technologies’ theme. Our free logos are a fast way to prototype a new site. We even include Christmas card templates for your customers!

The most trusted Reseller Hosting

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6 months ago
Very impressive perf and support
We were very sad to learn that directadmin wasn't working properly. But soon we were able to reach someone in the team who took the time to...
Solutions Techno-Rédac Inc.
6 months ago
Amazing Service
Using 20i for years, amazing service very user friendly. Customer support is the best i've seen and there always available.
Indy Ghatora
6 months ago
Always first-class support and always…
Always first-class support and always delivered promptly. Without exception, this is the best hosting company I use. Thank you to all the t...
Kevin Barham

WHMCS discounts

What happens if you’re happy with the Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) and don’t want to try our free alternative, HostShop?

No problem: our My20i control panel is built to integrate seamlessly with WHMCS. What’s more, we can help by giving all Resellers a healthy discount of up to 40% on standard WHMCS subscriptions.

whmcs discount

Discounted WHMCS licenses for 20i resellers

[[ whmcs.label ]]

[[ currencySymbol ]][[ whmcs.pricing[currency].price[0] ]].[[ whmcs.pricing[currency].price[1] ]]/mo

Standard price:

[[ currencySymbol ]][[ whmcs.pricing[currency].standardPrice ]]/mo

  • Up to [[ whmcs.clients ]] clients
  • ‘Powered by’ branding link
  • Customisable/No Branding
  • Integration Support
  • Seamless integration with 20i

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