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20i VPS Hosting


High Performance SSD VPS Hosting

  • Lightning-fast with 100% SSD storage
  • Deploy standard distro, 1 click-app or custom image
  • Spin up your VPS in 50s
  • 100% green hosting powered by renewable energy
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20i VPS Hosting

Great value virtual server hosting, no compromises

From personal projects to complex apps, scale with confidence and predictable SSD VPS pricing. All our VPS are powered using 100% renewable energy - which means your sites and apps are too.

Industry-leading features

VPS hosting with enterprise SSD storage

Enterprise SSD storage

We only use enterprise-level Samsung SSDs for maximum speed, capacity and reliability.

windows and linux VPS with instant provisioning

Instant provisioning

Deploy your Linux VPS online in less than a minute and a Windows VPS in under 5 minutes.

host your VPS with unmetered bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth

Genuine unmetered bandwidth – no throttling, ever. Each hypervisor is connected at 20 Gbps and each switch has redundant 100 Gbps uplinks.

VPS hosting with service level guarantee

Service level guarantee

All VPS servers are backed by uninterruptible power supplies and a network SLA of 99.99%.

VPS hosting with full root access for your virtual private server

Full Root Access

With our unmanaged virtual private servers you get full root access to your VPS server.

VPS hosting with no contracts

No Contracts

Once you’ve tried our VPS hosting you won’t go elsewhere! So we don’t lock you in and you can cancel at any time.

Scale your virtual private server with ease

Scale with Ease

Scale your VPS as you grow, from a single virtual server all the way up to a load-balanced cluster.

all VPS wih hardware RAID

Hardware RAID

All of our VPS use redundant hardware RAID 10 arrays with a battery-backed cache.

Access your VPS with out-of-band console

Out-of-band Console

With our out-of-band VNC access you can access your VPS just like plugging a monitor into a physical server.


1 Tbps+ Anti-DDoS

Advanced anti-DDoS protection for all Virtual Server Hosting. Your servers are protected in real time without any increase in latency.

Windows & Linux support

Windows & Linux Support

Deploy Windows and a range of Linux/Unix-like operating system distros – all in one click. You can install any other OS and software, too.

UK or US Data Centre

UK or US Data Centre

Whichever you choose, the data on your server will stay in that country, hosted at one of our ISO 27001, PCI-compliant, green data centers.

Not sure which is the best virtual private server for you? Talk to our VPS Team.

Start live chat

A VPS for every occasion

Big or small, site or app - our VPS hosting is the perfect choice

VPS for web hosting

Web Hosting

Give your website all the dedicated resources it needs. You’re free to use any kind of web hosting software to design and run your sites.

VPS hosting for developers

Development Server Hosting

For developers, an Unmanaged VPS offer an isolated digital environment to test code. Experiment and learn in a VPS sandbox.

Host your mobile apps on a VPS

Mobile App Backend Hosting

Save on expensive hosting fees by self-hosting your mobile app on a cheap VPS. Don’t pay for more resources than you need.

Hosting for any SaaS on VPS

SaaS Hosting

You can run any kind of software-as-a-service for your business. That might include ecommerce, reporting, CRM, project management, analytics… the choice is yours.

Install a VPN on your virtual private server

Install a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) can protect your privacy when using public Wi-Fi. If you don’t want to use a commercial product, install a VPN on a VPS.

VPS private sync for back up in the cloud

Private Sync

Back up your local files in the cloud, safe in the knowledge that they’re stored privately.

Gaming VPS

Gaming VPS

Whether it’s Minecraft, CS:GO, WoW or any other online game, we offer cheap VPS hosting for game servers.



Get fast, clear and reliable voice communication by using a hosted app like TeamSpeak 3. Start a hosted VOIP business.



If you don’t want your smart home gadgets to send your data to the web giants like Google and Amazon, you can go down the DIY route.

Easy server management

Manage your servers through one single, intuitive control panel.

The My20i control panel makes provisioning, managing and customizing your infrastructure seamlessly, with advanced options such as network management and out-of-band VNC options.

Server monitoring shows you exactly what resources your virtual machine is using, including its CPU usage, Bandwidth and Disk I/O. Plus get full root-access to manage every aspect of your server.

Deploy your VPS with any of these distributions and apps

Softwares and One-Click appsSoftwares and One-Click apps

You are free to install any software you'd like, but these can be installed in a click.

Buy and Deploy VPS

Add-ons to enhance your VPS on demand


Back up your entire server automatically, at an interval that suits you. System-level backups keep your whole server image safe. Easily restore at any time.

Private Networks

Segregate your 20i server network into clusters with some servers hidden from general internet access. These can connect to other servers in your network using a local IP over a dedicated, unmetered port.

Private Network
Load Balancers

Distribute traffic across multiple servers to create better-performing, more robust infrastructure for any HTTP or TCP application. Our VPS Load Balancing uses the same technologies proven on our shared hosting platform. With built-in health monitoring, our load balancers can be configured to monitor how well your VPS are handling traffic and only route requests to healthy servers.

Load Balancer
Block Storage

Mount additional, high performance SSD storage directly to your VPS. With this flexibility you’ll be able to accommodate higher usage workloads easily, without needing to upgrade your entire instance.

Block Storage

A virtual private server you can rely on to deliver, every single day

Green web hosting powered by 100% renewable energy

We’re committed to making sure our hosting is as green as can be.

Windmill and solar panels green webhosting with 100 percent renewable energy

Green Energy

All our hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy, which means all your sites and apps are too. That's great news for you and the environment.

Servers with low power usage for green web hosting

Green Data Center

Our data center has an extremely low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.12. Plus, our Autoscaling Cloud Hosting only uses the resources it needs, so no energy is wasted.

Low Carbon footprint in 20i offices by use of solar energy

Low Carbon Footprint

Our office also runs on renewable energy with its own solar farm. We also have a paperless office, cycle to work scheme, and recycle all our waste.

VPS Server FAQs

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about our VPS:

How many IP addresses do I get?

All our VPS hosting comes with one dedicated IP address – you can order up to three additional IP addresses for [[currencySymbol]]50 per year.

We manage the hardware and network that your virtual private server will use, and our VPS support team are online 24/7 should any issue arise.

We don’t manage the security, software or updates on the VPS itself – that will be your responsibility. We’d recommend an Unmanaged VPS if you’re confident with server management. If you require technical support and advice, then we’d recommend our Managed Hosting on a VPS.

Yes, when we offer unmetered bandwidth VPS, we mean it. So you won’t hit any traffic limits, regardless of the number of requests being made to your VPS.

Yes, when you create your own private network, you are creating a dedicated Virtual LAN (VLAN) in our datacenter. You can assign this VLAN to as many servers as you like within the same datacenter. You're responsible for all IP numbering on your VLAN.

Yes can we provide a /64 IPv6 subnet per VPS. Once provisioned you can allocate your range through My20i.

You can deploy UK VPS Hosting in London or a US based VPS from our Dallas DC.

Your VPS will be hosted on power-efficient servers that run on 100% renewable energy. You can read more about how our hosting platform and our business is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at Green Hosting.

Yes, you can become a VPS host through our Reseller Hosting.

As well as the #1 Reseller hosting platform around, you'll get an exclusive 25% off our normal prices.

How you think of cheap VPS is relative. Don't forget ‘you get what you pay for’!

We don't have the cheapest VPS, but we have the best value.

Yes our VPS Servers are 100% SSD. You won’t find any other UK VPS hosting provider with this level of performance for a comparable price.