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With 20i, resellers can offer their customers the freedom, control and guaranteed resources of an enterprise SSD VPS.

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Resell Managed Hosting on a VPS maintained by the 20i team



25% VPS Reseller Discount

Resellers save 25%


25% VPS Reseller Discount

You can offer an enterprise-class SSD VPS for a competitive price.

Everyone with a 20i Reseller Hosting account has 25% off virtual private servers. This makes it a breeze to create competitive packages on the best US VPS platform. You can then resell them to people looking for more versatility in their web or application hosting.

Our standard shared web hosting is restrictive by design. To achieve our enviable loading speeds we use load balancers. That in turn means that we need to manage the software a client runs.

20i VPS are different. Our virtual private servers are just that – private – so the user isn’t restricted by software or OS. The only restriction is the user’s imagination.

Become a 20i Reseller
White Label VPS Control Panel


Make it Yours

Like our other reseller products, you can customize our white label VPS control panel to suit your brand.

That means you can give your clients the control they need: those with Unmanaged VPS can issue server reboots, view VPS stats and graphs, and access the out of bound console.

All without taking up your time with service requests – which is nice!

Those on Managed Hosting also get all the web hosting management features of StackCP, your customer’s control panel. These features can be limited, enabling you to create bespoke packages based on the user’s technical ability. There are no limits on the number of different Managed Hosting packages you can create.


Easy Provisioning, Easy Billing

HostShop VPS business automation

HostShop makes it easy to be a VPS reseller. The sale and provision of the virtual machine is automatic: your customer can go from buying the VPS to using it without your input. It includes sophisticated fraud-checking to protect your reputation.

VPS reseller API

We’ve developed a powerful, fully-featured JSON Reseller API. Every feature you see in our My20i VPS control panel can be implemented using our API. You can integrate all features into your software so that you and your customers can provision and manage their VPS.

Reseller VPS API
Buyers of virtual private servers


Catch the wave

The answer is: more people all the time, for a variety of reasons. And we make it painless and profitable to sell virtual private servers.

With fair reseller discounts and commitment to ongoing development, you’ll always have the best VPS package to offer your clients, giving them another flexible upgrade path.

Your clients might start small, but as a VPS reseller you can share in their success as they grow, easily adding extra resources when required.

Who Uses Virtual Private Servers?


If you run a business it’s reassuring to have guaranteed compute and storage resources available. A 20i VPS gives businesses the power of having a dedicated server, without the capital expense of purchasing your own hardware. Costs become predictable operating expenses.


If you’re hosting a game server you don’t want to kick everyone out when you turn off your PC! Plus it makes sense to conserve local resources for those all-important frame rates by shifting multiplayer comms to a VPS, hosting a dedicated app like Teamspeak.


Smartphones have made people comfortable with mobile cloud computing – but you can’t do everything on a phone. With a 20i VPS, they can access powerful virtual machines whenever and wherever they need them.

Users of virtual private servers


More Profits in the VPS Business

With cutting-edge hardware and rock-solid uptime, the quality of our VPS services make a strong sale. As a 20i Reseller offering more than just shared web hosting, you open up a new market with larger margins.

But there are further profit opportunities for the enterprising Reseller:

  • Managed support: Our Unmanaged VPS are not suitable for beginners. You can offer a chargeable managed service, like we do. If you know your way around the command line, you can provide the necessary updates, security patches and configuration for your customer.
  • Automated backups: While your Unmanaged VPS can be backed-up at any time, some may prefer the convenience of automatic Snapshot Backups. These can be sold as an optional extra, and are available at a wholesale rate for Resellers.
  • New product tiers: All Managed Hosting StackCP features can be limited by you, so you can create a range of tiered ‘Managed Hosting on a VPS’ products. You aren’t limited to the same selection that we offer.
  • Upsell paths: Over 30 different features can be added or removed from a Managed Hosting VPS package, giving you endless combinations to create clear upgrade paths and upsells
  • Domains and SSLs: A 20i Reseller has access to up to 30% discount on Simple SSLs and domains, so these associated add-ons can further increase your profits.

For tips on how to start reselling VPS, and to sell more once you're in business, read How to Sell Virtual Private Servers.

More than the rest


Offer More than the Rest

Our Unmanaged VPS give your customers a choice of 18 different operating systems and 12 application stacks. So you can present a wide and varied offer, suitable for all use cases.

While your customers are free to install any kind of software, these options are deployed from image files in seconds so are a great starting point in their cloud computing journey.

For Managed Hosting, we also include over 80 one-click install web hosting apps. They can be installed by your customer from their control panel for no extra charge.

VPS Reseller Wholesale Discounts


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