Heart Internet sunsets HostPay and Reseller API: Migrating to 20i

Heart Internet sunsets HostPay and Reseller API: Migrating to 20i

Heart Internet has announced they are closing down their hosting automation and billing solution – HostPay – as well as their reseller API.

At this time, they are not providing any alternatives or plans to launch new solutions.

The closure of both HostPay and the Reseller API means WHMCS will no longer work, and there is no longer any way to automate your business as a Heart Internet Reseller.

If you’re using Heart Internet to host clients’ sites, and you want the security of a platform that is continuously developed and invested in, now is the perfect time to migrate to 20i, the best Heart Internet alternative.

Keep reading to find out why we are the best Heart Internet alternative or click here to see how we compare to other reseller hosting providers.

Migrating to 20i is easy

Every single day, hundreds of websites are transferred to us using the 20i Migration Centre. Our Migration Centre is free, unlimited and automatically migrates all your website files, databases and emails.

Your websites will stay up and accessible throughout the whole process, with no disruption to your services. We don’t place any limits on how many sites you can transfer to us, or charge you any fees.

Read more about our Migration Centre and we’ve got a handy step by step guide on how to migrate from Heart Internet. If you’re looking for a Heart Intertnet alternative. migrating to 20i couldn’t be easier.

Why choose 20i Reseller Hosting?

We’re a Reseller Hosting specialist with by far the best product on the market right now.

We don’t place any limits on how many websites you can host, we develop everything in-house (which means we aren’t beholden to cPanel or WHMCS price increases/feature limitations), and all our hosting is powered by our unique autoscaling cloud platform.

Our high availability cloud platform has been built with redundancy from the ground up, for all hosting services. There’s no “single server” in any of our platforms’ designs, whether that be for websites or email.

  • One price. One plan. No limits.
  • Unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth and MySQL databases
  • Unlimited free 10GB email accounts
  • Unlimited free SSL certificates
  • Free HostShop automation and billing – like HostPay, but (much) better
  • Fully integrated Reseller API
  • Full WHMCS integration and 40% discount if bought through us
  • Free CDN for you and your customers
  • Create and sell custom hosting plans
  • Linux, WordPress & Windows platforms
  • Huge domain discounts – up to half the price of 123-reg, GoDaddy and Heart Internet
  • Free StackCP control panel for your customers – no licence fees
  • Completely white label
  • Powered by 100% green hosting
  • Free, easy and unlimited migrations from any host
  • 24×7 expert support
  • Sell VPS, SSL certs, email storage & more

WordPress-optimised platform

Go beyond just a one-click app on Linux Hosting. Host your customers on a fully-optimised, Managed WordPress Hosting platform.

Plus, avoid bloaty plug-ins and expensive subscription fees with these fully featured WordPress tools, all built in to My20i – and completely free with WordPress optimised cloud hosting.

  • WordPress Manager: Manage all your WordPress themes, plugins, security and users from one central dashboard. Activate, update and disable in bulk.
  • WordPress Staging: Your customers can create a replica of their site with a single click and deploy changes over to the live site seamlessly.
  • StackCache Optimisation: Our proprietary caching technology speeds up page loading automatically and significantly, for all your users.
  • Website Acceleration Suite: Give customers the tools they need to optimise their images and code to improve site speed. Includes image resizing/compression, code minification, lazy loading and much more.
  • WP-CLI & more: Advanced users can use the likes of WP-CLI, SSH access, SFTP/FTP, PHP version control, phpMyAdmin, PHP configuration and scheduled scripts.

Join 20i today

Sign up today and see the difference. Get your first 6 months half price and we’ve got a 30-day money back guarantee.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

If you would like a demo of our Reseller Hosting, you can book a call with one of our experts. We’ll show you how easy it is to create packages, manage customers, apply your branding & profit selling the best hosting around. It’s also a great opportunity to get answers for any questions you have.


  • So when Heart switch off the Reseller API, does this also mean that 20i will stop offering migrations from Heart due to the migration centre relying on the API? Will you have an alternative system in place for this?

    • Hi Daniel, we won’t be able to run migrations using their API anymore, however it will still be possible through FTP.

  • Thank you!
    That is simply unbelievable.
    HI still offers reseller hosting with the following slogan.
    “At Heart we make reselling rewarding”.

  • Good evening,

    This worries me as a large 20i reseller with over 2 thousand users. .. all this text and especially few specific parts here..

    Are the 20i resellers protected from scenarios like these, please?


    • Hi Helmuts

      At 20i, Reseller Hosting is our #1 priority and the focus of our business, unlike Heart Internet. So it’s extremely unlikely that you would ever be put in the same position as HI users.