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20i Website Migration


Free, Automatic Migration Centre

  • Migrate website files, databases and emails automatically
  • Transfer in minutes, not hours or days
  • Move as many sites as you like, always for free
  • Easy transfer from any web host
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20i Website Migration

Quick and easy hosting migrations

The Migration Centre is free and unlimited with Web, WordPress, Reseller and Managed Hosting.

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No downtime

Your websites will stay up and accessible throughout the whole process, with no disruption to your services.


Free unlimited migrations

We don't place any limits on how many sites you can transfer to us, or charge you any fees.

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No waiting

It’s quick and easy - no need to contact our support team or book an appointment. You can start the hosting migration at your convenience.


Built for bulk

You can move all your websites at once, one-by-one, or in batches. Perfect for anyone with lots of sites, like Resellers.

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Proven tech

Every single day, hundreds of websites are transferred to us using the 20i Migration Centre, all without any issues.

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Transfer from any host

You can switch from all major providers who use cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin. You can also migrate your site from UK providers Fasthosts and Heart Internet.


Website files

It will transfer all your website content and page structure. No need to download/upload it yourself.



Most websites rely on databases, so we transfer all the tables, columns and rows exactly. You don’t have to trouble yourself with SQL commands!



We use an IMAP sync to move all of your email to our servers. There is no downtime, so you can continue working on your email seamlessly.

Based on 1,719 reviews
7 months ago
Very impressive perf and support
We were very sad to learn that directadmin wasn't working properly. But soon we were able to reach someone in the team who took the time to...
Solutions Techno-Rédac Inc.
7 months ago
Amazing Service
Using 20i for years, amazing service very user friendly. Customer support is the best i've seen and there always available.
Indy Ghatora
7 months ago
Always first-class support and always…
Always first-class support and always delivered promptly. Without exception, this is the best hosting company I use. Thank you to all the t...
Kevin Barham

Switch your hosting in a click: how it works

Step 1.

Choose your current provider

Choose from cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, WordPress, Heart Internet or Fasthosts.

Step 2.

Enter the credentials for your current provider

This may be your username and password, so the Migration Centre can access your hosting.

Step 3.

Select sites

You may not want to migrate all hosting packages at once – here’s where you can choose specific websites.

And you're done!

Step 4.

Confirm migration

Just click to begin the migration! You can choose to receive an email when the process is complete. You can preview your website on a temporary URL.

And you're done!

Faster migrations with 20i

Nearly all hosts help with migrations into their services, but most do this manually and limit how many times they will help for free.

20i Migration CentreTraditional host migration
Automatic migrations
Unlimited migrations
Transfer in minutes
Import emails
Always free
Anytime migrations
Bulk transfers
Self service

How website migrations used to work

The traditional way to transfer your website between web hosts would involve locating your website files at your old host and then downloading them locally, to your PC desktop, for example. You’d have to do the same for databases using a tool like phpMyAdmin, ensuring that you’ve got all the relevant data and content.

Then, it would be a matter of uploading your files to the new hosting provider, using their file manager or FTP with software like FileZilla. Then the databases would need to be imported. You’d also need to make sure the ‘engine’ for the site (e.g. WordPress core) is loaded on to the webspace. And don’t forget the email: you’d also have change settings for that, so that you don’t lose access to emails when you leave your previous host.

Not only is this time consuming, but also prone to error or file corruption. While for popular CMS like WordPress there are shortcuts through plugins, it can still be a hassle.

With the 20i Migration Centre, all these steps are carried out automatically, with no risk of data loss or downtime.

Use the Migration Centre with any of these hosting options:

Managed VPS hosting

Cloud Hosting

Flexible, multi-platform Cloud Hosting. Easy server/site deployment & management



Managed Hosting
WorldPress hosting

WordPress Hosting

Host unlimited sites on the #1 WordPress platform.



WordPress Hosting
unlimited reseller hosting


Sell web hosting to your clients - no 'per account' fees.



Reseller Hosting

Migration Centre FAQs

How much do your charge for website migration?

No cost at all, ever! Whether you use the Migration Centre or ask our Support Team to help you out, it’s always free, for any number of migrations.

Yes, both WordPress and Linux. If you wish to move a WordPress site from Linux Hosting to our WordPress-optimised hosting (or vice-versa), you can use our Platform Transfer tool.

Yes: if you have any concerns about site migration, our 24x7 Support Team will be able to help you. You can chat with them now if you have any questions.

It all depends on the size of the site. The time it takes to move is dependent on the amount of data being transferred and the complexity of the website. Some migrations can take up to three hours, although the average time to migrate is 30 minutes. For most sites, it will be as quick as clicking ‘migrate’, making a coffee – and your site will be migrated!

Yes: it doesn’t migrate your domain name to 20i automatically. To take advantage of our great value domain renewal prices , you can transfer using our Domain Transfers tool. It works in much the same way as our Migration Centre: enter your details and proceed to transfer the domain.

Prefer to keep your domain at another registrar? No problem. All you’d need to do is log in to your provider’s control panel and change the nameservers to 20i’s Google nameservers.

Even though the chances of any issues when using our Migration Centre are vanishingly-small, we understand…

The simple answer is that nothing can go wrong. No files at your current host are deleted in the process of transferring your website. So, even in the extremely unlikely event that something happened, you can always try again, and/or contact our team.

The migration process will never cause downtime: your site will remain live on your previous hosting until you’re happy with your 20i site.

Not at all: if you’d prefer to migrate your websites over to 20i in the ‘manual’ way, you can. We have a support article covering this for you: Migrate Manually.