Reseller Hosting Price Comparison

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Number of accountsUnlimitedRestricted by the server’s hardware
Disk spaceUnlimitedRestricted by the server’s hardware
BandwidthUnlimitedRestricted by the server’s hardware
Autoscaling cloud platform
Redundant web servers
Built-in replication & failover
Global CDN
Website Acceleration Suite
Anti-DDoS protection
Built-in Web Application Firewall
Isolated web, MySQL, FTP, control panel and storage
E-mail kept securely away from website storage
Windows Server
WordPress optimised
WordPress staging
Google DNS
Integrated HostShop
WHMCS modules
Single login to manage hosting in the UK and USA
Pre-populated white label support database
My 20i
Number of AccountsUnlimitedResticted by server's hardware
Disk SpaceUnlimitedResticted by server's hardware
BandwidthUnlimitedResticted by server's hardware
Autoscaling Cloud Platform
Redundant Web Servers
Built-in Replication & Failover
Global CDN
Single login to manage hosting in the UK and USA
Website Acceleration Suite
Anti-DDOS Protection
Built-in Web Application Firewall
Isolated Web, MySQL, FTP, Control Panel and Storage
Windows Server
WordPress Optimised
WordPress Staging
Google DNS
Integrated HostShop
WHMCS modules
Single login to manage hosting in the UK and USA
Pre-populated white label support database

Why choose 20i?

Hosting to build your reputation on

Designed for ultimate speed and reliability, your websites will perform at their best on our custom platforms. Regardless of the resources other sites are using, innovative autoscaling technology means no impact on your sites.

All drives are solid-state, for super-fast page loading speeds. You don’t have to sacrifice design in favor of page speed improvements!

US and UK servers

Our origin servers are in state-of-the-art data centers in the US and UK. Our expert hosting support team is based in the same room as our developers. Should there ever be an issue needing hosting developer input, they’re available to our Support Team.

We don’t outsource any of our support, and never will. You’ll benefit from practical, genuinely useful help from people who know our systems inside-out.

We’ve got your back

As a fully-independent hosting company, our priority is you. It’s not investors or parent corporations who govern what we do – it’s customer feedback.

Our founders used customer comments to shape the hosting industry. With 20i, they expanded in to the United States, and they continue to develop in the direction you want.

Sleek, intuitive management

Our control panels are designed for the best-possible user experience. You and your customers can manage hosting plans, domains, emails, databases and VPS quickly and easily.

My20i provides a one-stop reseller hosting contol center. StackCP is the fully customisable control panel that your customers will enjoy using.

Always evolving

Based on feedback, we’re always working on new features and services, giving you even more for your money. We’re relentless in investing in the best new hardware and developing our own software solutions.

Our ‘Reseller first’ principle ensures our changes integrate seamlessly with our reseller hosting plans. It’s hosting for today – and tomorrow.

Proudly independent

If a web hosting business is successful, it’s fairly common that they get bought-out by a large international company. All too often, their acquisition leads to a decline in the quality of their services.

We understand your concern: that's why we’re happy to commit to staying independent in the long term.

Have any questions? Talk to our experts.