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–––.–– per year

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​Buy a .cloud domain

Cloud computing is at the forefront of most the technology we use on the internet. So if you have a business or app that lives in the cloud, a .cloud domain makes perfect sense.

As far as domains go, it’s relatively new, being first introduced in 2014. So, if you have a snappy name for your next tech project, it’s likely that there’s still a .cloud version available for it.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a tech startup. As much the internet could be said to exist in the cloud, it’s a highly versatile top-level domain. The word ‘cloud’ is also associated with communities and groups: a gathering of people online - ‘in the cloud’. Perhaps your next website is weather-related or you love cloud-watching…

Best value .cloud domains

If you find a .cloud domain cheaper, remember to check the small print! There are no ‘hidden’ charges with 20i. Plus you get…

Cheap .cloud Domains

We do domains with a difference: buy a domain name and pay the same low price, year on year.

24/7 Customer Support

Here to help with expert help and advice whenever you need us.

Full DNS Control

All your .cloud DNS records can be controlled from My20i: from A and CNAME to TXT and SRV.

Free 10GB Mailboxes

Get 100 x 10 GB mailboxes with your .cloud domain. It’s all here: Forwarding, autoresponders, send-only accounts, junk mail filters, sub-addresses, easy migration and Webmail access.

Google Nameservers

Our nameservers use Google’s reliable global network to deliver quick responses.

Free Web Hosting

We’ve built such an amazing platform that we want to share it with as many of you as possible! So how would you like free hosting, with a free CDN and no ads?

All 20i .cloud domain names come with…

  • Park your domain
  • Web forwarding
  • Catch-all email forwarding
  • Change nameservers
  • Change tag / transfer away for free
  • Bulk domain management
  • Domain for sale page
  • Add-on mailboxes
  • Opt out of Nominet WHOIS
  • Upgrade to full web hosting instantly
  • UK technical support
  • My20i & free basic hosting

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7 months ago
Very impressive perf and support
We were very sad to learn that directadmin wasn't working properly. But soon we were able to reach someone in the team who took the time to...
Solutions Techno-Rédac Inc.
7 months ago
Amazing Service
Using 20i for years, amazing service very user friendly. Customer support is the best i've seen and there always available.
Indy Ghatora
7 months ago
Always first-class support and always…
Always first-class support and always delivered promptly. Without exception, this is the best hosting company I use. Thank you to all the t...
Kevin Barham

.cloud domain FAQs

How would I transfer my .cloud domain to you?

​It’s simple to move your .cloud domain to us and start saving. You will need to get the domain name authorisation code from your current provider. Then, you need to search for it in our ‘Transfer a domain’ tool in our control panel, My20i. You can then start the transfer, which can take up to five days (but your website will remain online). You’ll be charged a transferral fee, but you’ll get one year’s registration.

For further information about all domain transfers, please see How do I transfer my domain to you?

​No: with 20i, what you pay in the first year is the same price as renewal. That way, you can make savings of up to 50% compared to other domain name registrars, so you save money in the long term.

We do offer discounts on domain names to those who wish resell our domains and hosting, please see Reseller Hosting discounts for more information.

It’s possible that someone could register an alternate version of your domain: yourcompany.com, instead of yourcompany.cloud.

However, as this top-level domain is a word in itself (compared to shorter domains), it’s less open to impersonation than most. It’s more memorable, so users are less likely to be fooled. But that’s not a certainty!

If your project/business/website becomes highly successful, we’d recommend registering other versions of the web addresses, to be safe.

​Put simply, it’s where computing tasks are carried-out away from your local device: in data centres. However, the exact definition is quite nebulous, appropriately! Some people’s definitions of ‘cloud’ are different to others. Perhaps start your research somewhere like Wikipedia if you want to know more.