Transfer multiple domain names

Start saving on renewal prices today when you move your domain(s) to 20i. Includes a free 10 GB mailbox, DNS control and the user-friendly My20i interface with each domain.

Note: Please place each domain on a new line, without the ‘https://www.’. Read our helpful support guide for transferring domains.

It’s Easy to Move a Domain to 20i

Free domain transfers

It’s fast and free to transfer these domains:,,,, or .uk. You don’t even need to host the site with us.

‘.com’ domains

We make a nominal charge of to move .com domains to us. This acts like a registration, so you get a year renewal-free – you start saving straight away.

Before you start

You’ll need to change the Nominet (IPS) Tag to STACK with your current domain registrar. Step-by-step instructions here: How do I transfer my domain to you?


Save on Transfer and Renewal Prices

We don’t look to make a profit on domains. Our aim is to give our customers the lowest domain prices in the industry to help them grow their business.

While you might find lower advertised prices, make sure you read the ‘smallprint’. Often, ‘bargain’ registration prices are supported by extortionate renewal prices or other additional charges. Not so with 20i.

Transfer Price
Reseller Transfer Price
Yearly Price
Yearly Reseller Price