HostShop 2.0

Top 10 HostShop 2.0 Features

HostShop 2.0 is here, and with it loads of new features and upgrades. 

We’re going to look at some of the top features HostShop 2.0 has to offer. 

HostShop is a feature-rich billing and automation platform for hosting Resellers. There are so many features, we’re just scratching the surface with this list. There’s plenty more to get stuck in to later!

What is HostShop?

HostShop is the easiest way to manage your web hosting. It’s packed full of powerful and easy-to-use features for automatic provisioning and customer management. It’s like WHMCS, but better (and free!). Find out why it is the best WHMCS alternative.

Feature #1: HostShop Plans 

HostShop Plans  are a greatway to create package bundles for your customers. Plans allow you to give your customers an allowance of hosting packages (e.g. 2, 5, 10, unlimited, etc.). They can then migrate and create websites within their given allowance limit. 

Web hosting plans

Read our support article on HostShop Plans

Feature #2: Affiliate System

The HostShop affiliate system allows your StackCP Users (customers) to refer new clients to you.

HostShop Affiliate System user interface

They use an affiliate link to do this. If a customer signs up after using that link, it will result in a commission payment to their balance in exchange for the referral. Find out more about the HostShop Affiliate System

Feature #3: Custom Products

HostShop is extremely flexible. Not only does it allow you to resell 20i’s hosting products and services easily, but you can also add and bill customers for your own services. This could be web design, SEO, themes, advertising…anything. 

HostShop custom products setup

Learn more about adding custom products and get selling!

Feature #4: Automatic Upgrades

Websites tend to grow over time. Eventually this can result in a customer needing to upgrade their hosting.

If enabled, HostShop’s inbuilt upgrade system gives your customers the ability to upgrade their services at any time, automatically.

Upgrade your hosting package

There’s no manual transfer of data and no downtime. It’s all handled seamlessly on the 20i platform.

Learn more about automatic upgrades.

Feature #5: Detailed Reporting

Get visual data about your business, helping you drill-down to the information you need to make better business decisions.

Detailed business reports

HostShop includes multiple detailed reports, such as:

  • New Customer Information
  • Revenue Over Time
  • Top Customers
  • Service Counts
  • Income by Product
  • Discount Code Usage

Feature #6: Automated Provisioning

Perhaps this one’s obvious. but let me explain! When a website is provisioned at 20i, it’s backed by our powerful platform.


Load balancing, autoscaling, PHP optimisations, 100% green energy, WordPress optimisations, staging and so much more.

It’s a key selling point that you, as a 20i Reseller, have over any other provider in the market. Nothing comes close to touching the 20i platform – we intend to keep it that way too!

Feature #7: Flexible Invoicing

Invoicing is key to the HostShop platform and to how our customers need to run their business. It’s why we re-built the invoicing system to be more flexible, powerful, maximising accounting efficiency.

Invoices are always provided any time a renewal is due. If the customer has auto-renewal enabled, payment will be requested automatically. Otherwise, it’s simple for your customer to log in and pay.

HostShop invoice system

Using our Invoice Designer, you can design and modify the look of invoices to suit your brand.

About to do some work for a customer? Send a custom work quote that the customer can pay when they’re ready, so you can get to work.

Feature #8: Multi-Currency Support

We’ve given HostShop multi-currency support so your customers can choose what currency they want to see and make payments in.

Our tutorial guide below shows how simple it is to set the currency of your choice:

Using live exchange rate data, we’ve included all the popular currencies. They can be enabled at any time in the HostShop preferences.

Feature #9: Flexible Discount Codes 

Running a promotion or just want to include a free trial? Look no further, HostShop discount codes have you covered.  

Discount codes can be completely customized to create the behaviour you need. 

Discount code UI

Examples of promotions you can run: 

  • One time discounts 
  • Recurring discounts 
  • Limited recurring discounts i.e., 2-months free 
  • Fixed monetary discounts i.e., $5 off 
  • Percentage discounts i.e., 20% off
  • Price override i.e., regular price $15, discounted price $10 
  • Apply to specific products/addons/domains 
  • Apply to specific billing cycles or registration periods 
  • Apply one per order or to all applicable items in the checkout 
  • Lifetime promotions
  • New-signup-only promotions 

Feature #10: Customer Help Desk 

What would a business platform be without a completely white-label, powerful and fully-integrated help desk solution? 

As a Reseller you’ll want communication between yourself and your customers to be as seamless as possible. The  StackCP Help Desk is a fully-featured customer service & support system for you and your customers. 

Customer help desk interface

Once StackCP Help Desk is enabled from the  Configure StackCP User Help Desk  section, your customers can raise tickets from StackCP, which you’ll receive via My20i. 

Emails are sent to both yourself and your customers when tickets are opened and updated to keep both parties notified of the current status of the ticket. 

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

As I said, these top ten features are just scratching the surface of the HostShop offering.

It’s new-and-improved version 2 was built based on your feedback, so it’s more user-friendly than ever. It’s easier for you to use, and easier for your customer to make purchases.

So if you’ve not had chance to try HostShop, now is the time!  We have a step-step-support article on setting-up HostShop for the first time.

If you’re long-time user of HostShop, we’d love your feedback on all the UX improvements and new features. What’s your favourite? Let us know.