Premium Mailboxes

Upgrade to Premium Mailboxes

You can now upgrade any Standard Mailbox to a Premium Mailbox for more storage and great new features.

Every Premium Mailbox gets a huge 50GB storage allowance, along with Contact and Calendar sync.

Seamlessly manage your schedule and contacts across multiple devices and popular mail clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail and more. 




Upgrading your Standard Mailbox

Upgrading is quick and easy, with no interruption to your services. Upgrade your Standard Mailbox for just £39.99 a year. Need even more space? You can add an additional 10GB anytime for just £9 per year.

To upgrade a Mailbox, simply go to the ‘Mailbox Usage‘ report in My20i and click ‘Upgrade to Premium’.

ℹ️ Note: If you’ve already bought additional storage for a Mailbox, this will be added as extra space on top your 50GB.

Resellers: Profit selling Premium Mailboxes

Premium Mailboxes are available to sell through HostShop and our API.

To add premium Mailboxes to your product range, log in to My20i and go to ‘Product Catalogue‘.

In the ‘Hosting products’ tab, scroll to ‘Add-On Products’ and select ‘Premium Mailboxes’.

To sell Premium Mailboxes through our API, have a read of our API docs here.


  • If I purchase Premium Email for my site will it accept forwarded emails from my other email accounts. I have several and would like to work with just one. I have some accounts that are just webmail for sites hosted by 20i and I have outlook and gmail accounts. Getting everything in one place would save me time. Thanks.