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Increase Customer Confidence

Reseller Add-Ons

Virtual Name Servers

Take your branding one step further by registering your own virtual name servers.

£75.00per year
Virtual Name Servers from 20i

We have drastically reduced the cost of this popular add-on compared with other hosts.

Nameservers act like a phonebook, showing other machines on the internet where to find information on your domain name. When you visit a website, or send an email, a lookup is made with your domain's nameservers to find out where the website you require and any other services are hosted.

Other hosting providers may only provide two nameservers so that if one should fail, or is busy, the other nameserver can take over and direct traffic to the right place. At 20i we give you four nameservers, ensuring that your sites can always be found.

At just £75 a year we will register your name servers for you on our globally distributed DNS platform. This add-on allows you to offer your customers use of ns1, ns2, ns3 and ns4.your-domain.com rather than our usual StackDNS brand name servers.

SSL Certificates

Secure your Website with SSL Encryption.

Free SSL
£0.00per year
  • https://your-domain.com
  • Improve Google Ranking
  •  Padlock icon for your site visitors
  • Simple, one-click activation
  • Unlimited SSL Certificates for Resellers
Extended SSL
£249.99per year
  • https://your-domain.com
  • Improve Google Ranking
  •  Green address bar/Company name
  • Underwritten $1.5 million Warranty
  • Ideal for Ecommerce Sites
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate
Order Extended SSL
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Powered by Let's Encrypt
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Powered by GlobalSign

Increase Customer Confidence

SSL Certificates activate the built in security functionality of web servers, browsers and applications to encrypt sensitive data.

When installed on a web server, connections between a user's browser and your website are secured and less likely to be intercepted.

Use of an SSL certificate ensures customers and visitors to your site will know that their browsing session is safe, and that payment details and personal information are secure and encrypted.

Improve Your Google Rank

Installing an SSL Certificate now has the added benefit of helping to increase your potential Google ranking.

Google recently introduced https:// as a ranking signal and so when your site is indexed by Google (and other search engines) having an SSL Certificate is a point in your favour.

Using the latest in SSL encryption technology from GlobalSign will help to potentially boost your Google ranking and site traffic.

Issued by our Trusted Partners

Our free SSL certificates are supplied by Let’s Encrypt, an open certificate authority powered by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

All of our Standard and Extended SSL certificates are provided by GlobalSign, one of the most trusted names in the internet security industry.

GlobalSign's SSL Certificates offer the strongest encryption and value-add features to ensure your website is protected and meets the demands of today's modern sites.

Why Choose an Extended SSL Certificate?

Maximise trust, peace of mind, and your online reputation.


Extended SSL is the highest class of SSL available today and lends more credibility to your website compared to a free or standard SSL Certificate. Only an Extended SSL activates the green address bar and displays your business name in the browser interface. These prominent security indicators have a proven effect: studies have shown that potential customers frequently look for a green address bar when shopping online and are more likely to consider a website untrustworthy without one. If you want to maximise

Discounted Domain Names

On top of already competitive prices, Resellers can benefit from a further discount on all domain names registered with 20i.

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