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20i Resellers give their clients more

Reseller Add-Ons

A 20i Reseller Hosting account gives you the option to choose add-on services. These extras can help you offer your customers more or distinguish your business from competitors. And they can save you time!

Automatic Timeline Backups from 20i

Backup your sites and databases

Automatic Timeline Backups

While you can create back ups through the My20i control panel, this service automates the process. It takes full snapshots of sites and databases each day. These Timeline Backups are stored for 30 days, so you can restore back to a previous point in time.

You can also give your customers the option to back up and restore, via their StackCP interface. It gives them peace of mind, and it’s one less job for you to do!

You can add the Timeline Backups service to your 20i reseller account for a fixed monthly fee. This fee relates to the number of packages in your account at the time of renewal:

Number of Packages Price
0 - 50 £9.99 Monthly
51 - 100 £18.99 Monthly
101 - 200 £34.99 Monthly
201 - 500 £49.99 Monthly
501 - 2000 £100.00 Monthly
For more than 2000 websites, please contact us for pricing.
Buy Timeline Backups

Take your branding further by registering your own virtual name servers

Virtual Nameservers

Free white-label nameservers are included as part of your reseller hosting package. But you can take your branding further and choose your own domain name for our 4 nameservers too!

For,,, and, it is £75.00 per year

Virtual Name Servers from 20i

What are Virtual Nameservers?

Nameservers are a directory of internet addresses. They literally ‘serve names’ - IP addresses - of other servers where your domain is hosted. When you visit a website or send an email, a ‘lookup’ is made against your domain's nameservers. They’ll provide the address of where the website or email is hosted. Multiple name servers provide redundancy against failure or high traffic.

Your Virtual Nameserver name can be thought of as an ‘alias’ for the actual nameserver. It ensures that your branding is carried throughout your customer’s experience.

What makes 20i Virtual Nameservers the best?

Most hosting providers only give you two nameservers. That’s enough in most circumstances, but not all circumstances. To keep your clients happy, you need to make sure that their sites can be found every time. So we give you 4 nameservers, for double the redundancy.

Your branded Virtual Nameservers are registered on our globally-distributed DNS platform. It uses the same infrastructure as Google. So you’re guaranteed Google-level service protection, extremely high reliability, and super-quick response times, worldwide.

A Choice of https options

Free, Simple and Extended SSL certificates

We offer resellers Free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates from Let’s Encrypt. These require you to use our nameservers. They help improve Google ranking and reassure potential customers that a site is secure.

An ecommerce business might prefer to buy one of our Simple SSL certificate from GeoTrust, which doesn’t require you to use our nameservers. Both types include domain validation, which means that the certificate authority has checked the domain owner.

Extended SSL is the highest class of SSL available. It includes more stringent checks on the company by the certificate authorities. Extended SSL lends more credibility to a website compared to a Free or Simple SSL. It includes a warranty and an Extended Validation certificate, and displays the business name in green in the browser’s URL window.

SSL Certificates

Compare SSL Certificates

Free SSL


  • Improve Google Ranking

  •  Padlock icon for your site visitors

  • Simple, one-click activation

  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate

  • Site must use our nameservers

  • Powered by:

    Let's Encrypt
Simple SSL


  • Improve Google Ranking

  •  Padlock icon for your site visitors

  • Simple, one-click activation

  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate

  • Ideal for Ecommerce Sites

  • Powered by:

Extended SSL


  • Improve Google Ranking

  •  Green Address Bar Title

  • Underwritten $1.5 million Warranty

  • Ideal for Ecommerce Sites

  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

  • Powered by:

Increase Customer Confidence

SSL Certificates activate the built-in security of web servers, browsers and applications. They cause them to encrypt data.

When installed on a web server, connections between a user's browser and your site are secured and less likely to be intercepted.

Using of an SSL certificate means that customers and visitors to your site will know that their browsing session is safer. Their payment details and personal information are made more secure through strong encryption.

Improve Your Google Rank

Installing an SSL Certificate now has the added benefit of helping to improve your position in Google’s search engine results.

Google introduced ‘https:// as a ranking signal’ in 2014. While its effect on your ranking was ‘lightweight’ at first, it’s becoming more pronounced.

So having an SSL certificate from a trusted provider is now becoming an essential element of getting good results from Google and other search engines. Better results can lead to more traffic!

Issued by our Trusted Partners

We use Let’s Encrypt for our free SSL certificates. They’re an open certificate authority sponsored by the Internet Security Research Group, a public benefit corporation.

GeoTrust are the world’s second-largest digital certificate provider. They supply our Simple and Extended SSL certificates.

GeoTrust's SSL Certificates offer the strongest encryption and include value-added features to ensure websites are protected and meet the demands of today’s users.

Save when you become a reseller

Discounts on Domain Names and VPS

To cement our reputation as the host with the most, we offer a range of discounts to our resellers. On top of our already-competitive prices, as a reseller, you get up to 50% discount on domain names.

Our virtual private servers (VPS) are even better value with 25% discount for resellers. This makes them as little as £7.49/month. Use your discounts for yourself or pass the savings on your customers.

Domain discountsVPS discounts
Discounted domain name prices

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