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10 things that only 20i Reseller Hosting can do

What makes 20i better than other reseller hosting companies?

It’s a good question, and the TL:DR answer is a lot. If you want more detail than that, keep reading.

This isn’t a “Them vs. Us” article using comparison tables, that’s been done before and it’s a bit dry. Instead, I’m going to look at some of our unique features that you won’t get with other hosts.

Sell (genuine) WordPress optimised hosting

We’re not talking about a one-click install app on Linux Hosting here, this is true WordPress Hosting on a platform designed and configured to run WordPress websites more efficiently and effectively.

You’re also hosting your clients on a platform rated ‘Top-tier’ by ReviewSignal.

  • High performance: PHP optimisations for faster loading times, better uptime, and lower latency than other hosting options.
  • Security: WordPress is a popular target for hackers, so our optimised hosting includes enhanced security features such as firewalls and malware scanning to ensure the website stays safe.
  • WordPress-specific features: Includes additional features that are specifically designed for WordPress, such as staging environment, code/image optimisation tools, WordPress Manager, automatic updates and custom caching plugin.

Autoscaling Cloud Hosting

Our proprietary autoscaling cloud hosting platform is still unique in the industry.

With our autoscaling hosting, the amount of resources allocated to a website is adjusted automatically based on traffic and resource usage.

This means that during periods of high traffic, the hosting plan can automatically allocate more resources to the website to ensure it remains fast and responsive.

Autoscaling hosting can easily handle sudden spikes in traffic without causing website slowdowns or crashes.

Free & unlimited CDN for your customers

You and your customers get access to our custom-built global CDN, with no bandwidth limits. You can choose to offer it as a paid add-on or free added value feature.

Some cool features that come with our CDN include:

  • Automatic image resizing: Our image CDN will scan your images and resize them for the appropriate size for mobile and desktop.
  • Image compression: ‘Raw’ images often contain information that can be removed or compressed without a visible loss in quality. The 20iCDN will compress your images ‘on the fly’, saving you time.
  • Code minification: We can minify and strip whitespace from our code. Our CDN will compress HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to reduce time spent parsing, compiling and executing it. Network payload is reduced, so sites load faster.
  • Lazy loading: Only load what’s going to be presented to the user immediately: what’s going to be seen first. Your above-the-fold content will appear in a browser more quickly by deferring off-screen images or other non-critical resources.

Unlimited automatic migrations

“First migration free” – how about all of them?

Our website Migration Centre makes it easy to transfer across files, databases and email from any web host.

Every single day, hundreds of websites are transferred to us using the 20i Migration Centre, all without any issues.

  • Migrate in minutes, not hours or days
  • Move your websites, databases and emails to 20i automatically
  • Preserve all folders, files, scripts, emails, databases and other data exactly as-is
  • Choose exactly what you want to migrate and when
  • No limits and 100% free

Fancy something less hands-on? Your customers can also migrate themselves from other hosts with the Migration Centre built directly in to their own StackCP hosting control panel.

Sell Managed Cloud Hosting

Our Managed Cloud Hosting platform is the easiest way build, deploy and manage all your sites at scale across 20iCloud, AWS & GCP.

All our cloud servers come with free Email, DNS, CDN, SSL, SSH, Backups, Security & Git integration baked-in.

It’s the perfect hosting solution for agencies, online stores, developers, multi-site hosting and high traffic sites.

Break out from cPanel

Tired of old-school, fussy control panels, license fees and single-server hosting?

cPanel was released over 25 years ago and built for the era of single-server hosting. It also charges your host license fees that they have to pass on to you.

My20i is the best cpanel altertnative you’ll enjoy using. By not being restricted by cPanel, we can offer you more features, better performance and true multi-server cloud hosting. And we do this for no extra cost.

Multiple Data Centre locations from one account

Manage all your hosting – both sides of the Atlantic – through the My20i control panel. No need for multiple different logins.

Working alongside our seven CDN nodes in the USA, we have an origin data centre in Dallas, Texas. You can choose to have all your unlimited Reseller Hosting packages based there, or in the UK.


Configure webhook notifications to be alerted of events in your My20i account as they occur. Webhooks allow you to easily integrate with popular team communication apps such as Slack and Discord.

Exclusive StackCP features

StackCP is your customers’ web hosting control panel. Because we have developed it in-house, we’ve been able to add features you won’t get with other reseller hosts.

You decide exactly which features your customers have access to. Set up a ‘one-size-fits-all’ control panel for your customers or offer a bespoke experience on a case by case basis (or do a bit of both) – the choice is yours.

Shape our product roadmap

We don’t use cPanel, WHM, WHMCS, CloudLinux or any other 3rd party technology. This means we aren’t waiting for other businesses to launch or fix a feature and we can tailor our products to your requirements.

Customer requests and recommendations are at the heart of our dev schedule. Without the business owners, bloggers, designers, agencies and creatives giving us valuable feedback, we wouldn’t have known where to focus our efforts.

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